Naruto Ultimate Ninja UJs VS. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm UJs.

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User Info: EonmasterX_Jwin

4 years ago#11
Cosmo89 posted...
EonmasterX_Jwin posted...
KizaruOfLight posted...
Tenten had badass ultimates in NUN. I choose NUN.

This... Man, if only Accel 4 came out on the ps3. Then Konan's paper ocean would've been the norm as opposed to it being rejected bc she's "not Sasuke or Naruto"... Not to mention she'd have two more ever the top ougis...

You have pleased me...


User Info: ShakaV

4 years ago#12
I think Storm 3/Gens UJS> Storm 1/2 UJS > UN UJS. They are pretty even if we are comparing them overall. The UJs in the UN series teleported you to some random area which I never really liked. I do think they can be a bit too long, like the 1sts (which I won't deny is pretty epic).

I also do like that the current ultimates are more or less in line with what they would do in the series, but they can be a bit bland like in Storm1/2. Storm 3 seems to get it right in terms of impact and length.

User Info: isaacwa95

4 years ago#13
While the NUN ultimates looked cooler, they were over exaggerated. Besides that, the one thing that was the most annoying was that the ougis took place in a different environment. I mean I don't choose to play in the leaf village then for the final ougi have me in the middle of nowhere just to go back. And don'' get me started on PTS Temari's level 3 ultimate. She cut down a forest. It doesn't fit in to any of the stages.

User Info: NaughtyGhost

4 years ago#14
The UN jutsus were amazing. Every jutsu in the field was real-time and interactive aside from a few counters, and all of the ougis were supremely badass. I used to be able to just go through and watch all the ultimates and it would be awesome, every time. Watching the First's Tree Nuke Jutsu is still awesome, even now. Or remember Hinata's gigantic rotations? Especially in Accel 2 when the camera would pan all around her body showing off those curves as she completely obliterates everything within a 100 yard radius. Amazing.

Remember when we barely knew anything about part 2 Sasuke, and they put him in Accel 2 anyway? And all of his ougis basically depicted him as Ninja God?
Breasts and butts and panties! Snug panties! Soft panties!

User Info: DrSubjugator

4 years ago#15
LittleDeathJr posted...
I think that the UJs in the NUN series is better. Just compare Jariya's ultimates in the NUN series compared to the NUNS series. While in the NUN series, he does all this creative things with a Rasengan, while in the NUNS series, he just hits you with a Rasengan.

Totally agree. I would really love to see an update to Jiraiya's ultimate in storm 4. Either make it more like his ultimate in UN, or give him that giant flame bomb he & Gamabunta shot at Manda.

User Info: Eichro

4 years ago#16
NUN. Mostly BECAUSE they were exaggerated.

User Info: goodlyoak

4 years ago#17
Goten55 posted...
The NUN series. Those Ougis made everyone look good.

This, storm ultimates only made a few characters look good. Also, exaggerated non-canon ultimates >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fateful canon ultimates.

User Info: wingxzero81

4 years ago#18
ultimate ninja on ps2 is way better than the ps3 ninja storm series. 1. multiple ouigi's 2. drunk rock lee was bad ass, 3. game play def better, the fighting style in ps3 was ok and 4. jutsu clash.

i own every ultimate ninja series from ps2 to ps3. as much as i like the ninja storm, the ps2 version to me were the better games.

User Info: Kfresh08

4 years ago#19
MEGAze posted...
@everyone: Don't underestimate Storm 1 ultimates.

Nothing compared to the PS2 Ultimates.
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