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User Info: 1nternationa7

3 years ago#1
It's out now. Such a happy ending.

Not. Just more stalling and disappointment
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User Info: RandyTheViper

3 years ago#2
"Surely someone out there can articulate the sensation of sh*tting themselves!"

Spiral Zetsu is officially my favorite character.
Kami no Chikara!
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User Info: SuperVegito2487

3 years ago#3
Actuallly something new DID happen.

both naruto and sasuke are close to death, that wasnt entirely obvious last chapter...
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User Info: CheradenineZKL

3 years ago#4
The sword in the ground thing reminded me of the Izanami loop. Wonder if that's what's happened.

User Info: jazz36

3 years ago#5
Read it this morning, and good grief! Is Kishi REALLY planning to allow Madara to carry out his EOTM plan!?

On a side note, does anyone got a horrible sense of deja vu? Since Sakura is going with Garaa and Naruto, you think Sakura might try that technique that Chiyo used all the way back at the end of the rescue the Kazekage arc to revive Naruto? I know Chiyo didn't teach her it, but given the fact she's smart enough to answers those questions in the chunin exam without cheating pretty much tells me that she probably memorized it by observation.

The reason I'm saying this, (Though we probably won't know till the next chapter.) is the Sakura didn't take part with Naruto, Sasuke, the Khonoa 11, and Sai in the attack against Obito. I got a feeling this is going to be Neji all over again.

User Info: KaizerSosae

3 years ago#6
What about Bee? Didn't his Bijuu get sucked out too? Nobody GAF about Bee?!?!


also, Sarutobi is a BA

....waiting for Obito to redeem himself somehow.....

User Info: CheradenineZKL

3 years ago#7
Yeah I thought Sakura was going to pull a Chiyo.. yet at the same time it feels a bit like has already been done by Nagato.

User Info: TerryJ999

3 years ago#8
Disappointed on what they did to sasuke.
No fight, no nothing. Just got stabbed, hallucinated, then fell unconscious.

Such a boring near death moment.

Naruto was far more better.

Also wasn't Madara after his eye?
And why is everyone depending on Naruto and Sasuke??
I know there are far more stronger ninjas than them two.

User Info: ShadowSliph

3 years ago#9
I highly doubt Kishimoto's going to allow Madara to activate the Moon's Eye Plan...or if he does, it ain't gonna last long. I'm still hoping the Biju get outta this OK; after all the crap they've put up with from humanity, they deserve some happiness...

User Info: ZeroJinKui

3 years ago#10
what is with kishimoto... he's just taunting the hinata fans, now.


*falls flat on face*

...goddamn it.
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