Trophy Glitch?

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User Info: intdex88

3 years ago#1
I had platinum this game and when I had to re-sync my entire trophy list for my PS3. For some reason, I still have my platinum, but it lists that I have 91% complete.

There were some trophies at the end of the list such as Dragon-Slaying Brothers, etc. and there was a "+" icon in the top left corner for these new trophies.

I doubled check the list for Storm 3 and these extra trophies aren't part of the list. I found that those trophies are related to Storm 3 Full Burst, but I don't have Full Burst and I never played it.

So why are those trophies in my Storm 3 list even though I have the platinum and those extra trophies don't belong to Storm 3? Is it a glitch?

User Info: Delta0126

3 years ago#2
I'm guessing you must be new to DLC Trophies in general, regardless of if you have Full Burst or not DLC trophies will appear in your trophies list, this is the same for any game that has DLC trophies.

Oh and I almost forgot, DLC trophies are not required for Platinum, so say you got a game that's been out for awhile that has DLC trophies, you only need to get the trophies that came with the game (IE: all the trophies without the '+') to achieve platinum in that game.
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User Info: intdex88

3 years ago#3
Thanks, I didn't know about the DLC trophies.

That makes sense, I was wondering why I had a platinum but it said 91%. Then seeing the "+" mark really threw me off.

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