How is this game?

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User Info: whyterose86

5 years ago#1
Just curious. My preorder is on the way and I'm interested in this one.

User Info: Nikos_the_great

5 years ago#2
It's pretty good, but don't expect another world of goo (if you ever played that). The game lasted me 3.5 hours, and had some cool references and a nice meaning behind all that. Although I played it on the PC, and I realised this game will play much better on the Wii U. So I'd say go for it - as long as you haven't set your standards too high.

User Info: Medisti

5 years ago#3
It took me 3.5 hours too. It's actually surprisingly addictive for how simple it is. It doesn't meet the goo-d standards, but is still a very fun and interesting game. I noticed a few meanings and references that were quite clever (But still obvious). I won't spoil anything though.
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  3. How is this game?

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