Can someone spoil the story/ending of this game for me?

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  3. Can someone spoil the story/ending of this game for me?

User Info: UncleSporky

4 years ago#1
$15 is steep for what I hear is a 4 hour game at most, but I'm interested in what happens in it. The trailer made me curious. Of course it's probably something bleak like everybody freezes to death or something.

User Info: cherold

4 years ago#2
Took me 6 hours in a single sitting, and I didn't find all the combos.

No one freezes to death, but honestly, the way the story is told is far more interesting than to just know the story. I could tell you far more interesting stories than Little Inferno's.
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User Info: CPFace

4 years ago#3

The basic idea of the game is that you burn things. You get a catalogue, and you order all these odd toys and things. They arrive in the mail, you burn them and then a coin pops out. This coin is always worth more than the original object, so you can always afford more and more expensive objects as you progress. Ordering objects unlocks new objects until you've filled the entire catalogue. When you burn certain objects in combination, you earn a "combo" -- burning Someone Else's Credit Card at the same time as Someone Else's Family Portrait earns you Someone Else's Combo, for example. When you discover enough combos, you unlock the next catalogue.

You also, from time to time, receive mail from different characters. Miss Nancy is the creator of Little Inferno, Sugar Plumps is a girl who is eventually revealed to be your next door neighbor, and the Weatherman sends a report every time you finish a catalogue, describing the state of the global freeze. The story is conveyed mostly through these letters, although you also get a flavor for the sort of dark humor of the world you inhabit from the catalogue descriptions of the items you burn and what happens when you burn them.

The really interesting thing about the game is that a lot of it is open to interpretation. Sometimes it seems to be making a statement about the futility and pointlessness of the activity you're engaged in -- it takes a lot of its cues from freemium games in particular. There's recurring mention of progress and the fact that you can only look forward and never look back -- literally in that your point of view is permanently fixed on the fireplace, and figuratively in that some objects only appear once, and once burnt, are gone forever. You're repeatedly told that things can't last forever. There's also the recurring image of the sun, presented with the question "Is it rising or setting?" There's a sense of uncertainty about the future and regret about the past, but they present it in a way that strikes a balance between blind optimism and cynical surrender.

The exact events of the story are mostly driven through Sugar Plumps. Her first letter is a sort of shout into the void, "Is anyone there?" As the letters proceed, she tells you about how much she enjoys her fireplace, asks you to send her things, tells you about some of the things she does, and drops in one or two ideas about life and the way the world is moving. Eventually you discover that she was your next door neighbor all along, but somehow you never knew it. She seems to grow increasingly fascinated with fire, which escalates until you hear an explosion and eventually learn that she burned her house down.

The letters stop coming.

Eventually you get a letter. The accompanying photograph -- because you always get a photograph of the character who sent the letter -- is a black blur. You get a few cryptic messages from the blur before it claims to be Sugar Plumps. She says that she went up the chimney, just like all of the possessions she had burned, and eventually she begins to insist that you join her. If you don't figure it out yourself, she'll eventually send you a letter that tells you the combo you need to burn your own house down.

And if you do, everything changes.
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User Info: CPFace

4 years ago#4
After your house burns, the game switches viewpoint, and you start to guide a small boy from the wreckage of his home and down a street. He runs into the mailman, who delivers the last letter from Sugar Plumps. She explains that after her house burned down, she went on a journey, and now she's in a tropical paradise, and that now you have a journey to make too. You meet Miss Nancy, who talks about her dreams and all of the time behind her and all the possibilities of the future. And finally, you meet the Weatherman, who offers you a ride in his balloon to places unknown. Then the credits roll.

All in all, it's an interesting sort of experience, and, as you can probably tell, it's given me some pause for thought. On the one hand, it gives you a sense of the futility of consumer culture and all of the awful things we waste our time and money on. On the other hand, it suggests that the future is still wide open. Are things as bad as they seem, or is it just the start of something better? Is the sun rising or setting?

It's a good game. I hope you try it at some point -- say, if it comes out cheaper on Steam or a mobile device. Even with this summary in your head, I think it would be worth it. The exact details are pretty interesting and absolutely worth reading through.
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User Info: Allhailshadow

4 years ago#5
I'd say the interesting thing is actually the way the game play, aesthetics, and narrative all support the metaphors of game addiction and skinner box games in general.

But if you aren't interested in that stuff then I guess I don't recommend it.
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User Info: UncleSporky

4 years ago#6
Hey thanks for telling me all this! I may still pick it up sometime here.

User Info: xerofyre0

4 years ago#7
i got it on sale at 9.99 and loved it!
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  3. Can someone spoil the story/ending of this game for me?

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