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User Info: zero298

4 years ago#1
Hey, gonna post some of the combos that I've found so far. Haven't written down everything I've found yet, but I'll edit and add later. I'm going to make a list of all the combinations that I found in the beta. Hopefully they stayed the same since it went live.

Catalog 1

01 Bike Pirate COMBO
Wooden Bicycle + Toy Pirate

02 Someone Else's COMBO
Someone Else's Credit Card + Someone Else's Family Portrait

03 Springtime COMBO
Instant Seed Packet + Alarm Clock

04 Generations COMBO
Spider Egg + Someone Else's Family Portrait

05 Lenders COMBO
Someone Else's Credit Card + Blankity Bank

06 Movie Night COMBO
Corn on the Cob + Television

Catalog 2

07 Seafarers COMBO
Toy Pirate + Oil Barge

08 Building Bricks COMBO
Building Blocks + Ordinary Brick

09 Fire Breather COMBO
Antiki Torch + Pyranosauraus Plushie

10 Dino-Mite COMBO
Pyranosauraus Plushie + Disgruntled Elf Plushie

11 Watching You COMBO
Television + Wandering Eye

12 Magnetic Heart COMBO
Broken Magnet + Cold Metal Heart

13 Double Fan COMBO
Space Heater + Cold Metal Heart

14 Terrible Teeth COMBO
Eager Bunny Plushie + Toy Leperchaun

15 Time Bomb COMBO
Alarm Clock + Mini Nuke

16 LOL Kitty COMBO
Wandering Eye + Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie

Catalog 3

17 Catfish COMBO
Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie + Blowfish

18 Bear in a Chinashop COMBO
Feelings Bear Plushie + Fragile China

19 Dinnerware COMBO
Wooden Spoon + Fragile China

20 Cornflakes COMBO
Corn on the Cob + Tooth 'n' Corn Breakfast Flakes

21 Deadly Fish COMBO
Blowfish + Discount Sushi

22 Wake Up! COMBO
Alarm Clock + Coffee

23 Iced Coffee COMBO
Dry Ice Cubes + Coffee

24 Easter Bunny COMBO
Egg Pack + Eager Bunny Plushie

25 Liquid Diet COMBO
Future Fizz + Coffee + Midlife Crisis Mitigator

26 Egg Sac COMBO
Spider Egg + Locust Eggs

27 Freaked Out Food COMBO
Marshmallows + Coffee + Toaster

Catalog 4

28 Wooden Block COMBO
Letter Blocks + Building Blocks + Tetronimos

29 Arachnid COMBO
Spider Egg + Giant Spider

30 Zombie Garden COMBO
Instant Seed Packet + Toy Zombie

31 Eggcellent COMBO
Egg Pack + Phoenix Egg

32 Puzzling Adventure COMBO
Tetronimos + Gentleman Adventurer Doll

33 World of Goo COMBO
Goo Ball Pack + Casual Game

34 Airplane Mode COMBO
Cell Phone + Handheld Fireplace + Gaming Tablet

35 Underwater COMBO
Blowfish + Mess Hexopus

36 Meta COMBO
Handheld Fireplace + Beta Version

37 Pixel Pixelated COMBO
Pixel Pack + Beta Version

38 Japanese COMBO
Discount Sushi + Toy Ninja

39 Brains Ahoy HIYA! COMBO
Toy Zombie + Toy Pirate + Toy Ninja

40 Rosy COMBO
Valkyrie Doll + Gravity Boy Action Toy
Dear Blizzard: Rock is overpowered, Paper is balanced.
~Sincerely, Scissors

User Info: zero298

4 years ago#2
Catalog 5

41 Howl at the Moon COMBO
Howling Coyote + Mini Moon

42 Cat Lady COMBO
Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie + Old Lady Doll

43 Elderly Couple COMBO
Gentleman Adventurer Doll + Old Lady Doll

44 Terrible Mystery COMBO
The Terrible Secret + Mystery Seasoning

45 Change the Bulb COMBO
Fragile Bulbs + Modern Lamp

46 Cold War COMBO
(Don't Know)

47 Framed COMBO
Little Inferno Collector Poster + Someone Else's Family Portrait + Oil Painting

48 Writer's Blocks COMBO
Letter Blocks + Word Pack

49 Stop Drop & Roll COMBO
Smoke Detector + Fire Extinguisher

50 Colorful Flame COMBO
Zesty Beetles + Beta Version + Powder Barrel

51 Pollinating COMBO
Instant Seed Packet + Cocoon

52 Cat Bath COMBO
Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie + Dish Detergent

53 Clean Plate COMBO
Dish Detergent + Fragile China

54 Orchestral COMBO
Valkyrie Doll + Cello

55 Moonlight Melody COMBO
Mini Moon + Cello

56 Medicated Midlife COMBO
Midlife Crisis Mitigator + Medicated Mommy Pills

57 Pill Popper COMBO
Best Friend Supplement Pills + Medicated Mommy Pills

Catalog 6

58 Bearskin Rug COMBO
Feelings Bear Plushie + Old Bear Trap

59 Fireworks COMBO
Uncle Sam's Blam Blams + Dynamite Daisy

60 Spinning Blades COMBO
Super Juicer 4000 + Drill Chain Thrower

Drill Chain Thrower + Lumberjack Hand + Manly Odor Spray

62 Poker Hand COMBO
Glass Cards + Lumberjack Hand

63 Duck Season COMBO
Gaming Tablet + Game Bush

64 Huntin' COMBO
Old Bear Trap + Game Bush

65 Nuclear Shave COMBO
Mini Nuke + Manly Razer

66 Manly COMBO
Manly Razer + Manly Trophy + Manly Odor Spray

67 Brick 'n Mortar COMBO
68 Texting Gurl COMBO
69 Sorority Party COMBO
70 Chain Puffer COMBO
71 Deadly Vices COMBO
72 Legal Charges COMBO
73 Injection COMBO
74 Bodybuilder COMBO
75 Deafening COMBO
76 Road Rage COMBO
77 Diseased COMBO
78 Chain Email COMBO
79 Wooden Applause COMBO
80 World Adventurer COMBO
81 Learning is Fun! COMBO
82 Glasses & Staches COMBO
83 Before the Internet COMBO
84 Sleeping Idol COMBO
85 Ice Planet COMBO
86 Heart and Soul COMBO
87 Yellow Brick Road COMBO
88 Planes & Trans COMBO
89 Robotic Future COMBO
90 Polar Bear COMBO
91 Cardboard COMBO
92 Sausage Factory COMBO
93 Book Club COMBO
94 Spam Cloud COMBO
95 Online Piracy COMBO
96 It's a Sign! COMBO
97 Sun Flower COMBO
98 Mini Milkyway COMBO
99 Future's So Bright COMBO
Dear Blizzard: Rock is overpowered, Paper is balanced.
~Sincerely, Scissors

User Info: zero298

4 years ago#3
Just want to reserve this last post in case it I go over character limit after filling in the rest.
Dear Blizzard: Rock is overpowered, Paper is balanced.
~Sincerely, Scissors

User Info: chrooooo

4 years ago#4
the cold war combo is uncle sams blam blams and the russian nesting doll

User Info: ChronoSeraph

4 years ago#5
What I've found so far

67 Brick'n Mortar COMBO
Ordinary Brick + Unstable Ordinance

68 Texting Gurl COMBO
Cell Phone + Low Self-Esteem Action Doll

70 Chain Puffer COMBO
Drill Chain Thrower + Puff Pack

72 Legal Charges COMBO
Legal Briefcase + Someone Else's Credit Card

73 Injection COMBO
Snake Surprise + Protein Powder

74 Bodybuilder COMBO
Manly Trophy + Protein Powder

75 Deafening COMBO
Valkyrie Doll + Sonic Boombox

78 Chain Email COMBO
Drill Chain Thrower + Email

79 Wooden Applause COMBO
Lumberjack Hand + Laser Pointer

82 Glasses & Staches COMBO
Fashionable Sunglasses + Mighty Mustache

83 Before the Internet COMBO
Television + Old Timey Radio

84 Sleeping Idol COMBO
Sleeping Idol + Triangle Idol + Rotund Idol

86 Heart and Soul COMBO
Cold Metal Heart + Transhumanist Action Figure

91 Cardboard COMBO
Imitation Meatboy + Cardboard Sword + Decoy Lady Bug

92 Sausage Factory COMBO
Sausage Links + Clone Factory

93 Book Club COMBO
The Terrible Secret + Book of Darkness + Creation Science

94 Spam Cloud COMBO
Email + Internet Cloud

95 Online Piracy COMBO
Internet Cloud + Toy Pirate

96 It's a Sign! COMBO
Railroad Xing + This Way Down

97 Sun Flower COMBO
Miniature Sun + Instant Seed Packet

99 Future's So Bright COMBO
Fashionable Sunglasses + Miniature Sun
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