Why so serious?

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User Info: suzaku47

3 years ago#1
So I was in a Conquest match on Rogue Transmission. A level 33 player as Recon is at A. I go over there and he's at the top of the roof looking down and I kill him. Moments later, I get the message "no life *insert derogatory term for Japanese people* because of my psn. Halfway through the match I'm back at A. I see some blues getting into a firefight so I rush in to help. The blues died and I killed two enemies. One them just happened to be that same player I killed earlier in the match. I get another message saying you will die *same derogatory term* and he left the match.

Why all the hate?
PSN: Suzaku47

User Info: Andyman78

3 years ago#2
Because it's no fair that you're asian! Lol, seriously though, it's just hate mail dude, I wouldn't give it another thought. It sounds like that person just has serious issues is all. Would you happen to recall their gamertag by chance?
PSN: Andypants78

User Info: suzaku47

3 years ago#3
I'm not Asian though *surprise*. The player's name is jsizzle102066.
PSN: Suzaku47

User Info: Andyman78

3 years ago#4
Oh that's even more hilarious. I only ask for their gamertag because it's been awhile since I've rec'd any hatemail and I'm starting to feel a little neglected and left out xD. And I'd love to piss this guy off if I run into him, thanks!
PSN: Andypants78

User Info: EX_Bortthog

3 years ago#5
Its a FPS

Try using a shotgun, the ignorance flows towards you like a flood

Most FPS players are extremely salty people given the schizophrenic nature OF FPS', where there's no real consistency and its just a cluster**** of death, its not hard TO get salty at these types of games since you can die to nonsensical things or things that shouldn't in the first place
#1 Cactus

User Info: ARMR_SagittAxOT

3 years ago#6
"Please work on ur grammar then comment cause I'm about to throw a dictionary at your face."
>HvK's watching your spellings...

User Info: bfist1st

3 years ago#7
People are dumb.
Some people don't like to die because they care for their precious statz and get really mad.
Some people are racist.
Some people are homophobes.
Most people suck.

I get quite a few messages calling me nazi just because I'm "accidently" German.
Who cares. I surely don't. I was born 32 yrs after that and my grampa was killed by the nazis because he was resisting.
I just laugh at them and keep dominating their faces with my international friends and win game after game.

Don't let it get to you and have fun.

User Info: FutureShockUK

3 years ago#8
I don't even think it's FPS players, rather just FPS's. I can play any other game and not get the slightest bit angry, and I'm generally a chill dude, but I'll get pissed off so much when I start getting killed over and over by the same tired crap. It drives me insane!
Do you like hurting other people?
GT:Future Shock UK PSN:FutureShockUK. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/hounds_of_injustice Feel free to join!

User Info: Shotgunner

3 years ago#9
Ignore the hatemail dude - it has as much sense as a trash talking 8 year old in COD.

Similar story - About 6 weeks ago on Op Lo, Conquest - my team got spawn trapped over by Obj. A, so I pulled out the airburst GL and blasted an opening in their line so my team could get back into it(we wound up winning by 2 tickets). I received hatemail calling me a "p**** "(among other things) for using a grenade launcher - as if spawn trapping an entire team didn't scream that about themselves, right?

there will always be haters, crybabies, etc - laugh at them while you tbag them and move on :P
I don't always take your tags in Battlefield, but when I do, I do it with your girlfriend in my lap and a cold beer in my hand. Stay thirsty, my friends.

User Info: badbutttuesday

3 years ago#10
like i always say... regardless of how good the game, the lag, the freezes, the glitches, the etc... the people will always ruin every game.
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