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User Info: Maxo996

4 years ago#1
Just some key points from the new roadmap worth mentioning in case some of you missed it, what with the holidays and what-not~

Beta application site will open early January. A URL is not yet available.

Beta will start mid-February.

Beta will be 4 Phases long.

Phase 1 & 2 is PC only, 3 & 4 is PC/PS3.

Game servers will be physically located in Japan in Phase 1 & 2. Worldwide in 3 & 4. Worldwide play will be available in all Phases.

In between each phase will be a 1-2 week 'debug' period when the beta is unavailable.

Those eligible for the Beta are:
---FFXIV Legacy Status Holders
---FFXIV Service Account Holders (This applies to all FFXIV players, not just 'Active' ones)
---Applicants selected through the Beta Tester Application Site (You need a Square-Enix account to join in the Beta, however to apply you do not)

All Legacy status holders qualify as testers in phase 1.

Gamepads will be supported from Phase 2 on.

All FFXIV service account holders qualify as testers in phase 3.

1.0 characters will be migrated over starting in Phase 3.

Character data will be erased after Phase 1, 2, & 3.

Phase 4 will be an Open Beta (anyone can join, just need to make a Square-Enix account - don't need to be selected), "characters created during this phase will be carried over to the official release"(I'm not entirely sure if this means all character progress or just the actual character, server, name, etc.), and the NDA will be lifted.

Each Phase will last anywhere from 1-4 weeks (look at roadmap for exact estimated times). This means if all goes according to plan from the roadmap the earliest the Beta will conclude is roughly mid-April and at the latest the Beta will end is in mid-June.

There were no specifics on the timing of the official release of the actual 2.0 client as to how soon it would be available after the Open Beta (Phase 4) has ended.

<u>Objectives of the Beta:</u>
---Level Progression Rebalancing
---Battle System Rebalancing
---Crafting/Gathering Systems Rebalancing
---User Interface Refinement
---Bug Reporting and Fixing
---Version 1.0 Character Data Import Testing
---Server Stress Testing

---Benefits such as early access may be offered between the open beta and official release.
---Version 1.0 service account holders will be able to download the commercial ARR client
free of charge.
---Those wishing to play on PlayStation®3 are required to purchase a copy of the game for
that system.

---Beta/Release roadmap announcement:

---Beta Test Roadmap (Goes into detail as to what exactly they will implement, what issues they will address, and what specifically they will be testing for in each Phase):

---Letter From the Producer XL (12/27):

---For reference, the Alpha Test Information as some of the details pertain to the Beta as well:

^For example, if you were an Alpha Tester, you need not re-apply for the Beta for the PC version. If, however, you wish to apply for the PS3 Beta and the PC Beta and were a Tester, you will need to apply again when the application is available in early January. Also worth remembering is that "Participation in the Alpha Test does not guarantee selection for the Beta Test."
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User Info: Darom Sunyata

Darom Sunyata
4 years ago#2
Awesome. Feburary here I come.
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User Info: IqarP15

4 years ago#3
Craft rebalancing eh? Hope its freakin easy and not hard meaning having to make a bunch of crap just to make 1 actual piece. Inner and outer pieces of armor to just make a chest piece, that stuff takes up space.

User Info: Vithar

4 years ago#4
open beta characters carry over? dang that's nice!

thanks for posting
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