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User Info: Lucytenshi

4 years ago#1
Do the AF armor have Spell / Skill boosting buffs on them? or anything Unique for that matter.

I was looking at Loadstone and people wearing full AF but I couldn't see any special buffs on the armor, like "Increases Healing with Cure Spells 10%" or something like that.

Also anyone who has done the quest to obtain full AF, how hard were they?

In XI they could be quite a lot of work especially if you didn't have a linkshell or something to help you through it, is it challenging in this too?
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User Info: Cedicus

4 years ago#2
Yeah they stripped the job specific abilities from the artifact armor. I miss the Fist of Wind boost from MNK shoes..

The earlier quests were easy and soloable until you get half way. The final part of each AF quest you needed a full party.

Final battles
MNK was fun Sac-pull each enemy to the party so you didn't agro the others

WHM was tough you had to kite elements around a tree and kill them one at a time a full party of WHMs with 1 tank could do this

BLM was a cakewalk when you killed the flames at the same time

WAR was a pain had to kite the main boss around a tent and kill adds

PLD wasn't so bad, Kite the ogre and kill the Ahriman 1st

BRD..... was the hardest mission. All of the beastmen aggro'd at once so you had one tank kite all of them while 1 whm healed. The BRD in the center had to kill each one at a time.

I have no idea if y-p will change them
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User Info: WRRYYYYers

4 years ago#3
I really hope they redo the AF armor because as it stands they're not really unique at all, they just have stats like any other armor.

FFXI really nailed AF armor by giving bonuses that other armor just didnt have period.

User Info: Cedicus

4 years ago#4
WRRYYYYers posted...
FFXI really nailed AF armor by giving bonuses that other armor just didnt have period.

This is true. I just think the stats are currently place holders for beta. Even Relic weapons lost their special abilities.
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User Info: kamikaze135

4 years ago#5
AF armor is meant to be an entry level end-game gear.Their sole purpose is to give players something to easy to get so they can participate in end-game content. It's good that they got those stats removed. Hopefully they introduce jobs exclusive gear that's very difficult to obtain and has good stats.
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User Info: Liutena

4 years ago#6
And they'll be adding vanity slot/appearance tab in a future content update. So if you wanna look like a fresh lv 50 character you can keep wearing your AF.

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