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where can i buy pets??

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User Info: TchaosT

3 years ago#1
i know there is a merchant somewhere(!) in every city..
i started as a archer so can someone please tell me where exactly is this merchant in New Gridania?

User Info: dawnbomb

3 years ago#2
you get them from quests and stuff you don't buy them

User Info: TeaStrife

3 years ago#3
You get a cute little Airship pet from the Ul'dah quest line. Dunno if it translates to the other 2 cities or if its exclusive though.
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User Info: Boa_Noah

3 years ago#4
So, question, what exactly is the difference between "Minions" and "Pets"?
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User Info: DragonFlame

3 years ago#5
Right around the corner from the main Aetherstone to the west. Same vendor that sells the racial starting clothes.

Edit: Minions follow you around and look cool. Pets help you kill things.
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User Info: Doukou

3 years ago#6
Don't read this sig.

User Info: Shadows_Of_Fall

3 years ago#7
Doukou posted...

It's where the pets go
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User Info: VenomousX

3 years ago#8
You should find this helpful :)

(The 3 pets you can buy in the main cities are Cherry Bomb, Mammet, and Wayward Hatchling)
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User Info: ZerostremeX3

3 years ago#9
VenomousX posted...
You should find this helpful :)

(The 3 pets you can buy in the main cities are Cherry Bomb, Mammet, and Wayward Hatchling)

Thanks, I know what I'm hunting around for tonight :)
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