The Haukee Manor Glitch.

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User Info: xdividebyzerox

3 years ago#1
Today, I ran Haukee Manor with comrades from my Free Company but when we got to the Manor Sentry boss, when he was about to run away, this happened:

He got stuck on the stairwell and we couldn't fight the end boss. We tried dying to reset his aggro, and even gave the sad lug some love and encouragement. Nothing worked. ._.
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User Info: Amareus

3 years ago#2
Awww, the poor thing is so lost and confused :(
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User Info: Riodellion

3 years ago#3
This happened to me the first time I ran it. You have to tank him up on the second floor in order for him to not bug. I just pull him in front of the door now, and I haven't had an issue ever since. *fingers crossed*
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User Info: Elyon

3 years ago#4
Yeah, this is pretty well known.

You have to make your tank pull it up to the second floor.

It's funny, because I ran Haukke a good 20 times in Beta 3 and never ran into this. They broke it sometime between beta and release.
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