ATTN: Married ppl...How do you protect ur marriage from this game?

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  3. ATTN: Married ppl...How do you protect ur marriage from this game?

User Info: Benjamin_Button

3 years ago#1
Im in a relationship and my gf hates this game. I never really been into MMO's but tried this in Open Beta and ive been hooked ever since. This game just does everything so well in so many levels that i cannot stop playing.

I thought this game was great as it catered to casuals who didnt have 12+ hrs a day to play. I told myself i would try for at least 2hrs a day, and i have been successful...overly successful. I play at least 6 hrs a day and i cannot stop. After the 2 hr mark im like "one more dungeon.." or "one more level on X class" or "let me rank up this f***** chocobo one more time!!".

Now to my point, im in a relationship and i can honestly say if i keep this up, im not going to be in one soon. Seriously, my gf has gotten to the point where she has stopped giving up that ass. and ill apologize and log off for a few hrs but then after when she passes out i'll turn on my laptop...SO i ask from not only married, but mostly, people how they cope with this game and having a full time relationship at the same time?

i love p**** but I love ffxiv too. Why do I have to choose!?!
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User Info: NeoSamuel

3 years ago#2
Your going to have to prioritize your girlfriend. I know the game tends to be more fun most of the time, but if you want your relationship to work out your going to have to make the sacrifice.
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User Info: JojoX97

3 years ago#3
Go to sleep late. Wake up early. Drink coffee. Lots of coffee.
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User Info: angermngment101

3 years ago#4
The game has to take a back seat to your life dude.... Its a ****ing game. Its not life. Life > Game.

When you are ready to put that through your head, you will enjoy life way more than a stupid game.

User Info: spurx

3 years ago#5
Just get rid of her and do whatever you want. Seems like you're in it for the wrong reasons and she sounds awful anyway

User Info: musous

3 years ago#6
You have to somehow convince yourself that the is game will wait for you, but not your girlfriend/spouse. Make yourself a schedule and stick to the schedule. Except dungeons, any other things you can do in this game can be "paused". It's an addiction. It's not easy.

User Info: BurgerTime79

3 years ago#7
My wife also games, and she's perfectly fine with my game collection. She's also a sci-fi and fantasy "geek" and shares my love of Star Wars. The game isn't taking my time with her away, because I already have time with her. What this game is taking away, is my time to finish the rest of the games in my backlog.
If she didn't share my interests, then I wouldn't have married her. When I was dating I also couldn't date anyone who could at least appreciate or understand my hobbies.
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User Info: AnimeDrew

3 years ago#8
Or find a girl that has her own set of hobbies. Im getting married next september and my fiance probably hates when I play this game or any games in general but before I asked her to marry me I made sure she understood what she was getting herself into and explained that I game a hell of a lot. We currently live together and purchased a home last year. I have a loft which I call my gaming domain. I show her attention but probably not enough...

Luckily I have got her addicted to candy crush and watching netflix. This helps a lot as she has a game and shows to watch. We also both work 50 hours a week so she understands that when I get home I need to unwind and play me some ffxiv. We have sex but probably not as much as some people. Hell im okay with this as she wants it more than me half the time.

On a side note shes 6 years older than me I'm 29 and shes 35. So she kinda knows what she wants and I suppose im lucky in the fact that she lets me do what I want when I want.

User Info: Catori20

3 years ago#9
Sounds like your playing to much. Your life comes first. The the only way you could get away with playing for long periods of time is being with someone who also enjoys sort of thing. Even then, you still need to get out and enjoy life!
You need to make a choice.

User Info: Kiroin

3 years ago#10
Me and my husband play both this and WoW together. But He likes WoW more so he plays that while I play FF sometimes. It helps if you and your spouse have interest that match.
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  3. ATTN: Married ppl...How do you protect ur marriage from this game?

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