chimera is getting hard to do

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User Info: ShadosAtPhoenix

4 years ago#1
Tried helping a guildie yesterday with chimera. Not many purple were online in our FC so we needed a pair of DPs to fill. Shouted in every zone for hours... Not a single bite. I hope it's just because it was just because of "AK Monday", otherwise doing it for my second and third classes is gonna suck.

User Info: azrael427

4 years ago#2
Most people are working on their first relic weapon. This seems like the kind of fight where you are going to have to wait till alts get up there and its hot to run it again. Otherwise get FC to help when theres enough online.
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User Info: SoaringBlizzard

4 years ago#3
this isn`t exactly a fight people do alot, so of course its gonna be somewhat harder to do, i did my first chimera yesterday(thankfully beat it on first try) my group still had to grab 1 tank and 1 healer from the members fc.

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