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User Info: ShonLyn

4 years ago#1
Anyone know how much gathering u need to get these nodes to 100%?

User Info: ShonLyn

4 years ago#2
Or is it easier to get to 95% with 650gp?

User Info: t 002 Tyrant

t 002 Tyrant
4 years ago#3
I thought they capped at 90%.
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User Info: ShonLyn

4 years ago#4
I have no idea. right now I am at 320 perception and 323 gathering with 579 gp.
I am wondering if it is possible to be ably to have enough gp/skill to get these nodes at 100% and use unearth II. But I guess if it's capped 650gp and enough gathering to get to 90 is all u would ever need then. Toil of the mountaineer> Sharp Vision> Unearth II would be 95% gathering rate with 31%HQ rate would probably be better than 100% gathering rate and 11%hq.

User Info: spald

4 years ago#5
t 002 Tyrant posted...
I thought they capped at 90%.

This is true. you'll always have to use a skill to cap gathering.

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