What's your "Worst Tank" experience?

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  3. What's your "Worst Tank" experience?

User Info: Isilia

3 years ago#11
I've mentioned this before, but worst tank experience was a gladiator in brayflox using only riot blade. No combo, of course. I attempted to instruct him step by step, but clearly riot blade is so badass that no other skills need apply.

I call myself a horrible tank every time my static healer decides he wants to pull a mob off me. I haven't had a DPS do that in so long. Thank you easy mode 2.1
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User Info: TeiohGuildless

3 years ago#12
I guess most recent bad tanking I've had was a Pug tank for Garuda X who couldn't hold hate from the DPS after picking up his sister, and kept yelling at the DPS to hold off. Then we swapped roles, Dps were able to pew-pew fine, but he dies to the double Wicked Wheel, and I just decide to call it quits.

User Info: chicostick

3 years ago#13
That Main Tank for Titan HM who persuaded everybody that he should be MT despite having only 2 DL pieces. (I was the other tank)

I didn't really care who's MT.

Anyways, Healers were good, it's just that the main tank kept falling off the ledge...

Did it about 3 times. He said Titan pushed him off lol.

User Info: That_70s_show

3 years ago#14
Sidewinder1386 posted...
That_70s_show posted...
Just last night I decided to join a Garuda HM pug to quickly cap my Myth (I was like 14 away). The OT had no idea what the hell he was doing. He was standing infront of garuda with the MT, constantly stealing aggro and taunting. Then when I yelled at him to get behind garuda and switch to sword oath, he did so but decided it'd be a good time to pop all his defense cds.

Needless to day he couldn't hold the adds worth crap and all the caster died painfully.

Must've been a fairly low level run? I'm a BLM and I always tank green since we go solo tank.

Yeah, I can handle the green too. But we can't handle both.

I shoulda just switched to tank and done it myself. I've done that fight like a million times.
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User Info: IqarP15

3 years ago#15
GLA tank in brayflox didn't even mark targets do combos or anything just riot blade over and over. I didn't even make it to the 3rd mob set before the first boss /leave
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User Info: Ubergrim3

3 years ago#16
Brayflox, me heals, first boss, tank takes considerably more damage than tank from previous run, tank doesn't try to grab adds at all, they glomp me, I die. I tell him to keep adds off me, he insists he can't handle that much damage, I check his gear at this point and realize he's wearing lvl 20ish stuff. I give him another chance, thinking I can heal through the damage, he still refuses to try to grab adds but fails to tell me of this before we go in, so I die again.

It's probably the only time I've felt completely justified for dropping out of a group.
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User Info: firefoxred

3 years ago#17
Joined a DF WP with a Paladin who proudly proclaimed "First Time tanking!" So I figured, okay no problem, first time doing this, not to hard....right? WRONG! He literally ment first time, he had never tanked before in his life, having grinded from 1-50 in fates. The healer had instant aggro from the first heal, forced to heal himself and eventually tank all mobs but the 1 the tank had as he tried desperately to pull the mobs off the healer doing no combos. As a summoner I was forced to solo target as the use of bane or any AOE would force my lala tail to be trampled. We wiped several times just getting to the first boss, the other DPS and Healer left in rage so in the time I tried to explain how to do it the best I could (Okay, I lied my tank is like 3x) but thats limited. We get 2 replacements and wipe once on the boss.

Continuing on we wipe several more times trying to get to the slime boss, one being because the tank ran back with all the mobs on him and the enemies instant aggro ed us as he came by and dropped dead.By this point I was really close to just leaving but I was only a few tomes short of getting my needed item at the time, so once we finally downed the slime after more wipes I bailed instantly as I laughed at him.
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User Info: Twindragonfang

3 years ago#18
I had one tank that only used auto attack. But I'm pretty sure he was trolling the group. Atleast i hope he was.

User Info: USF

3 years ago#19
And here I wanted I start a tank character, thanks for changing my mind Gamefaqs. >_<
Because the door was open. Blue skies.
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User Info: fatpolomanjr

3 years ago#20
This should encourage you. Don't do what the bad ones do. You can be a shining example of what a tank should be.
Hunter Gathers (Goblin)
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