Have you ever bought Gil?

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User Info: Mason_Cain

3 years ago#1
Have you? Be honest! - Results (600 votes)
Yes, frequently
3.33% (20 votes)
Yes, occasionally
3.17% (19 votes)
Yes, once
5% (30 votes)
22.5% (135 votes)
Never have, never will
66% (396 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Sure all the posts will be condemning gilbuying, but with the anonymity of the poll I'm just curious how widespread it occurs.
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User Info: Retired_Hero

3 years ago#2
I've thought about it but have never actually done it.
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User Info: Isilia

3 years ago#3
Why in the hell would you need to buy gil in this game? <_<

Well, I guess Novus would tempt you. Housing isn't worth investing RL money into.

Never have, never will.
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User Info: ae1982

3 years ago#4
No... but i did buy gold in wow lol

User Info: Crackery

3 years ago#5
ae1982 posted...
No... but i did buy gold in wow lol

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User Info: Casmi

3 years ago#6
The only time I have ever purchased gold was in WoW. I used it to purchase a Krol Blade right before Burning Crusades came out and the first kill in BC replaced it (lame green weapon). I think about that every time I want to purchase gold.

User Info: emo_prinny

3 years ago#7
I bought in FFXI and Guild Wars. Considering buying it in FF14 because of Novus materia.

User Info: Finixsoft

3 years ago#8
If no one bought gil people wouldn't sell it.

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User Info: colstripcapn

3 years ago#9
It's tempting trying to fully meld crafting gear, crafting materia on my server is insane, 200k+ for Control IV for example. Dealing with <20% chances, even on cheap materia of ~10-20k, adds up VERY VERY fast.

But then I see the thousands of accounts being banned for RMT every couple weeks and realize it's just not worth it.
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User Info: SuperZay

3 years ago#10
As a crafter/spiritbonder I have more money than I'll ever need. So no.

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