Tell us what your favorite little details are.

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  3. Tell us what your favorite little details are.

User Info: Crystal_Pepsi

3 years ago#1
This game is just so full of little touches that a lot of people just...I dunno. Take for granted? I don't how how else to put it.

My favorites include how the ground in Eye Monster's petrification cones turns to stone for a second or how the carpet in Srycus' tower looks up close.

I like a lot of the textures, actually. The wood grain in wooden steps, the rocks in caves. I love how when its bright outside and you step outside from in, it takes a second for your vision to adjust.

User Info: akechi419

3 years ago#2
Mor Dhona at night and day
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User Info: NtheRiddle

3 years ago#3
Clothes and hair move with the actual wind direction, instead of just moving randomly...
.....umm .....yeah
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User Info: alpacino1983

3 years ago#4
The way your face strains when you run :)
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User Info: Shadygrove

3 years ago#5
The dawn theme music at Oschon's Torch.
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User Info: crunchy612

3 years ago#6
you and your chocobo leave footprints when running in snow or sand.
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User Info: Thomastm3

3 years ago#7
I gotta say I like the rain effect in this game

User Info: thunderbreak

3 years ago#8
Lalafel emotes.
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User Info: Little Zardar

Little Zardar
3 years ago#9
the flavor they give some bosses


Siren's attack wails are singing

Halicarnassus has a loud lunatic laugh if she's about to unload a fatal blood rain
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User Info: Endlessli

3 years ago#10
The first thing I noticed and was instantly impressed were footsteps. Footsteps on grass, metal, wood all sound different. Thank goodness.
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  3. Tell us what your favorite little details are.

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