"I don't like you so I'm not healing you"

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User Info: darkqueenhelba

2 years ago#41
All the more reason they need to make PLDs...PALADINS!!! Honestly, who's ever heard of PLD not having holy gear that cures them or white magic? And I'm not talking about that lame cross skill Cure either. I don't expect the PLD to heal the whole party but they should be able to keep themselves alive for little while without the help of a WHM/SCH.
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User Info: Anarchy179

2 years ago#42
I'll only stop healing someone if they're being an aggressive douche in chat to someone in the party. If they are pulling aggro or stand in something they shouldn't, it's better to help the person stop doing so by giving suggestions.
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User Info: Joker_X_II

2 years ago#43
If the Tank can't do their job.....I won't heal.....because I'm not tanking the mob with my healing aggro.
If the DPS won't do their job.....I won't heal.....because I'm in Cleric Stance doing their job.

User Info: TheSpectre

2 years ago#44
welcome to every mmo in history

User Info: SilentZed

2 years ago#45
Miggi3Fr3sh posted...
OkamiCloud7 posted...
that isnt from the old FFXI mentality thats a WoW mentality. not a FFXI one.

Please explain how you came to this conclusion?

Final Fantasy XI- 2001
World of Warcraft- 2004

Edit: Friend said XI was 2001 actually.

Actually, FFXI Release Date was:

PlayStation 2
JP May 16, 2002
NA March 23, 2004

It does still precede WoW, mind you, over here in the states. But regardless, this is a mentality that has persisted since any sort of multiplayer game where healing was a factor, and for as long as people have been jackwagons (before recorded history, basically).
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User Info: Isilia

2 years ago#46
Almost 2 years of updates for XI (expansion released with it). No wonder it looked so good to us when we got it. Time to break those nostalgia goggles.
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User Info: frebu

2 years ago#47
I used to do this all the time, I would hate somebody, so I would make them "suffer". Then I grew up and realized I was wasting my own time. Now if I don't like you..............I just finish the dungeon and move on.

It is honestly not worth my time to try "stick it" to somebody I will probably never see again(and if they are on my server I just black list them and that is the end of it).
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User Info: EvelynEvelyn

2 years ago#48
I've let a tank die before.

I went into duty finder with a friend as a healer in turn two (this was a week or two after you could go into coil via duty finder) and I noticed there was no silencing going on and no swapping I ask why weren't they swapping they replied "we don't need to" I didn't feel like trying to heal him with all that damage going on just because swapping wasn't important to him so boom down he goes. The other tank picked it up we finished the first node and I just left him there I didn't feel like wasting a swiftcast so someone else got him I guess.

User Info: iMpLuX

2 years ago#49
As a tank, I'll occasionally not pull aggro back if DPS (not healer) keep pulling it, but as a healer I will always heal no matter what. Your life is my responsibility and I take that responsibility very, very seriously even if you aren't deserving of my heals.

And yes I do the Cleric Shuffle and do both Heal/DPS when applicable. Which can sometimes leads to a wipe due to 'falling asleep at the wheel DPS'ing' against trash.
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User Info: Norb_

2 years ago#50
I let a monk die the other day, and did feel a little bad about it.

He had accidentally pulled an extra pack (3) of mobs, and the tank wasn't picking them up. The monk engaged one of the three extras, but ignored the other two. I decided that it was better for me to just stay off the threat table for those extras and let the monk die, then swiftcast/raise when the mobs reset (since no one else had tagged them).

I'm sure from the monks perspective I was just an a****** healer who watched him die. In reality I didn't want to let him die, but healing then would have made things worse and potentially wiped the group.
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