Triple Triad ****ing CONFIRMED

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User Info: urtv

2 years ago#21
was that the ff8 or ff9 card game?

User Info: BibikiBayBoy

2 years ago#22

1 month old news pal

User Info: setablazebyyou

2 years ago#23
urtv posted...
was that the ff8 or ff9 card game?

you could have googled in less time

User Info: BlackScythe0

2 years ago#24
wowkirin posted...
Boo tetra master ftw

Oh hell no.

User Info: paule29

2 years ago#25
Too many of the rules in tetra master did not make sense to typical, and quite smart human beings.

User Info: __Blight__

2 years ago#26
People actually look forward to that awful game from FF8? Wow. Now I have seen everything.
This wretched world does not reward endeavor, it is the patron and his troupe who are receipt; maggots grown fat on endeavour's corpse.

User Info: TrgaDaBest

2 years ago#27
__Blight__ posted...
People actually look forward to that awful game from FF8? Wow. Now I have seen everything.

I was thinking the same thing.
I really hope my sarcasm detector is malfunctioning here.
PSN: TrgaDaBest I'm Trigga and I'm the Best at what I does

User Info: SnowxNeverLeft

2 years ago#28
Don't be too excited.
TT was awesome in FFVIII because it had incredible rewards, but in a MMORPG? It's going to be a timesink at best.

User Info: Joker_X_II

2 years ago#29
WoW has pokemon

FF14 has pokemon cards


User Info: Miggi3Fr3sh

2 years ago#30
GearsAndFlesh posted...
Miggi3Fr3sh posted...
Funny how other topics people claim that we don't need characters or content from other FF games... And then this happens and people shoot their load all over the forums.

have you considered that maybe they're not the same people?

BlackScythe0 posted...
I hope when they say triple triad they actually mean the version from FF8, not the disaster from 9.

its the ff8 one. the one in ff9 isn't called triple triad, its called tetra master.

But some of them are. Otherwise I wouldn't have posted that. Dun dun dun

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