Triple Triad ****ing CONFIRMED

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User Info: GreatHammurabi

3 years ago#41
This is pretty awesome.

I think Tetra Master is way better but it's still cool nonetheless.
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User Info: DazuroGhenari

3 years ago#42
Yeah, but Tetra Master already got to shine in XI. Triad deserves a second shot too :D While I prefer Tetra honestly, Triad definitely has less RNG BSery in it...
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User Info: darkqueenhelba

3 years ago#43
My response to trolls; GET A JOB!!!

User Info: benjjjamin

3 years ago#44
But parlay was such a good mini game.
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User Info: ljobenza

3 years ago#45
I still don't get why how people liked Tetra Master considering how frustrating it's random-based mechanic is and how the game fails at explaining or even refused to explain some of the mechanics like the variables involved in how damage is calculated.

User Info: Raverbasher

3 years ago#46
DazuroGhenari posted...
Yeah, but Tetra Master already got to shine in XI. Triad deserves a second shot too :D While I prefer Tetra honestly, Triad definitely has less RNG BSery in it...

I liked tetra too. However, I'm glad they're adding a card game, loved both of them. Do you think they'll have different rules in different areas too? I remember they used to wander in ff8. I recall having some pretty annoying rules spreading to fairly standard areas.
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User Info: Luminozero

3 years ago#47
Jiruru posted...
I look forward to being forced to win a ton of Triple Triad games to continue with the relic weapon quest line.

As a Relic supporter, I'm fine with this idea.

"You must seal the souls of defeated foes in these card to empower your weapon."

It's the first season of Yu-gi-oh! all over again.
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User Info: xenosaga123

3 years ago#48
what about snowboarding and the laser rollercoaster?

User Info: Spartan72

3 years ago#49
I like Tetra Master better

User Info: TrgaDaBest

3 years ago#50
ljobenza posted...
Don't even get me started on those two pretending they don't know that people liked Triple Triad. Even people who hated FFVIII liked the card game.

I didn't like FFVIII that much, and I hated the card game. I never visited the boards for that FF due to my disinterest, so I never read any feedback about Triple Triad, and assumed many people shared my opinion.
I honestly thought this was a sarcastic topic, and it took a few posts to convince me that people were actually serious about liking it.
To each his own, I never guessed after all these years that I may be in the minority.
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