Hunts, where to begin?

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User Info: Bobokins

2 years ago#1
Fresh 50, never done one before. Not in an FC, how would I go about doing Hunts? Any good guides anywhere? Looking to get some tomes (myth or soldiery).

User Info: hippiecrite

2 years ago#2
Find a group in Party Finder and run around with them. Hunts are just a zergfest, there's no strategy to it.
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User Info: Zexes7

2 years ago#3
Join a Hunt-oriented LS with plenty of members with plenty of free time to make groups to go hunting with.

Other than that, roam the open world on choco-back and find the targets yourself. You get rewards even for not having hunting marks (pieces of paper you get from your grand company).
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User Info: quizmelater

2 years ago#4
check out server name here)

This is a player controlled spawn clock for the A and S rank hunt marks - whether they're windows are open or, if they've been killed, a countdown to their next spawn window.

You'll want to be in a full party of 8 people to get the maximum reward. You can usually find 1 or 2 in Party Finder, and once in the pt you can strike up a conversation with the other pt members about a possible Hunt LS invite.

Once you get into 1 or 2 Hunt LS's...hunts will get a much easier. Just be sure you are also actively searching for hunt marks and posting what they are and their position. The more helpful you are to the Hunt LS...the less likely you are to be cut from the ranks. Folks that never post and only wait at Crystals to scoot from hunt location to hunt location are generally not looked well upon (and are usually cut from the LS ranks quickly).

Another tip to help you along. Be civil. Let the mark finder announce a pull-time and stick to it...don't pull earlier than that....or folks will remember you...and not welcome you in their hunt party. Its largely about manners...and common courtesy towards your fellow community members. Sometimes marks spawn in close proximity to each other in terms of time. If one group holds off on killing one mark to join other groups in killing another...the pull-time maybe extended. Just be patient, communicate, and remain calm if mistakes are made.

Hope this helps.
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User Info: urtv

2 years ago#5
that only works for b and a one ever waits for s ranks on balmung

User Info: wowkirin

2 years ago#6
Just shout for a hunt ls and accept as many as you can
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