SOLDIER as two handed sword Job would make more FFXIV ARR sales and success

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User Info: KOFPrincess

4 years ago#1

That would be very cool, and of course the AF uniform would adjust to the each race build.
I feel that SOLDIER is one of the few FF exclusive Jobs (yes it is technically a job just like
Red Mage is a unique Final Fantasy exclusive Job. ) that deserves to be designed as an official Job for FFXIV ARR. It would be even more popular than Dark Knight,Ninja, Berserker, and Samurai.

While Cloud, Zack and Sephiroth are the face of SOLDIER (despite the technicalities behind Cloud's story), SOLDIER encompasses more than them. The essence of SOLDIER is bigger than they are, it's one of the most unique Final Fantasy Jobs that can be explored and developed further in mmorpg.

SOLDIER itself can be unique 2 handed sword fighter class (as seen by all SOLDIER 3rd, 2nd and 1st class members in FF7. The 1st Class members even had a unique
technique called Sword of Doom.)

I strongly believe FFXIV ARR can stand out more and earn more fanservice points and
subscribers if they implement SOLDIER as a Job for this mmorpg. (as far as Jobs go, it's like the "Super Sayian" of Final Fantasy, extremely strong class that is represented by some of the most popular FF characters and has one of the most iconic costumes/uniforms in the franchise, just like Dragoon has been since FF2/FF4, and have a Job/Class that FFXI Online doesn't include. )

SOLDIER can function like this:

Party Role: Damage Dealer
(that role is more interchangeable than other roles, so
it's to SOLDIER's advantage being a DD role, instead of a tank role, which will already
be looking for other Jobs such as like of Paladin.)

Lore / History:
SOLDIER could be implemented to FFXIV's universe through one of the
Eorzea's regions traditions and histories. Or it could be a style that came from
from another continent.

of course SOLDIER could specialize in 2 handed sword/great sword,
that's the common weapon style most SOLDIER use.

Weaponskills/special skills could borrow from FF7 (like Braver, Cross Slash, Sword of Doom, Blade Beam, Climhazzard, etc. )

AF gear: They could slightly redesign the SOLDIER 1st Class uniform (the black Crisis Core version)
so the shoulder armor, belts, boots, gloves, helmet, and armlets have a more FFXIV artstyle to them.

Job exclusive Rare weapons: Perhaps the Buster Sword and Ultima Weapon are obtainable for SOLDIERs.

In my opinion this kind of Job could make FFXIV ARR stand out a lot more than going
the generic Dark Knight route again (although they could still implement Dark Knight
but they could specialize in the Scythe weapon type and let 2 Handed swords be
SOLDIER exclusive weapon type.)

As for the Class that unlocks SOLDIER, maybe it could be the classic FF1 Fighter class
(which would be 2 handed sword like SOLDIER, but different skills.) Fighter and
SOLDIER linked as Class and Job would fit nicely.

I have been getting people to request this FFXIV ARR Job to Square Enix. I think most
fans would agree SOLDIER would really would be wonderful as one of the exclusive
Jobs in FFXIV ARR.

Not just for FF7 fans, but for SOLDIER fans and FFXIV ARR fans as well. SOLDIER in FFXIV ARR would be even better than if FF7 had it's own mmorpg.

User Info: Masterthief

4 years ago#2
SOLDIER is a unit, not a class. Like you can be a magic user or sword wielder and be a part of SOLDIER. Classes define a characters fighting style, and the way they approach battle or field mechanics, not what group they are part of.
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User Info: sasukebot

4 years ago#3
Masterthief posted...
SOLDIER is a unit, not a class. Like you can be a magic user or sword wielder and be a part of SOLDIER. Classes define a characters fighting style, and the way they approach battle or field mechanics, not what group they are part of.

TC made a nearly identical thread on the PC forums. In fact, I think someone pointed out the same point as you did on the 1st page, but some people are getting technical and bringing in Cloud's "job" in FFT or some jazz. It's FF7-8- whatever fanboyism that really probably wouldn't work out the way it's being worded as of now in XIV.

If there ever was a "soldier" (no capital letters, general term) it would likely be the base class of a job (like say, dark knight).

User Info: CityLumbar

4 years ago#4
My boredom has outshined the sun

User Info: XCrimsonSamurai

4 years ago#5
Just say it, you want to play as Cloud in FFXIV ARR because you're the most epic FFVII fangirl of all time.

Too bad it's not going to happen, ever. No one wants fanservice of this ridiculous degree spilling over into a completely stand-alone FF project. It's good with moogles and chocobos, it doesn't need spikey Cloud hair and Sephiroth's jumping around with angel wings and 10 foot katanas, which I'm sure you would drool over endlessly.

FFXIV ARR doesn't need a piece of FFVII in it, or FFXIII, or any other game SE has been milking the hell out of. Even though I love FFVII, and thought FFXIII was alright, I'm literally sick of Cloud and Lightning, since they've become such hefty posterchildren for FF. They belong in their own worlds, not here.

As the guy above said anyways, SOLDIER isn't a particular class or role, it's a unit, so your idea is stupid, and your concept is bloated beyond anyone wanting to even read fully. I mean, come on, Buster Sword as a unique weapon? Fangirl to the max.
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User Info: MagiusNecros

4 years ago#6
Soldier would function the same as any generic Warrior/Fighter class.
I have always hoped for a BERSERK Final Fantasy Game to be made realized.
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User Info: KOFPrincess

4 years ago#7
you are wrong Crimson. SOLDIER fans like SOLDIER traits in general, I prefer making my own unique SOLDIER character instead of copying a FF celebrity. Calling SOLDIER fans as Cloud wannabes is like calling Paladin/Dark Knight fans as Cecil wannabes, or Dragoons as Kain wannabes, or Monks as Tifa wannabes (Final Heaven weaponskill is confirmed in the making), etc.
Soldier would function the same as any generic Warrior/Fighter class.
That is not true. SOLDIER would have it's own SOLDIER flavored skills/weapon skills, as well as perhaps some degree of magic. They would be more interesting Damage Dealing 2handed Sword class than just recycling Red Mage (which FFXI already has). And Gladiator/Paladin are a 1h sword/shield class, so they wouldn't have the same role/style. Saying SOLDIER would be the same as Fighter/Warrior class is like saying Samurai and Ninjas are the samething. In that case, this shouldn't get Red Mage since it's just a BLM/WHM wannabe.

User Info: XCrimsonSamurai

4 years ago#8
SOLDIER fans =/= FFVII fans, pretty much one in the same. SOLDIER isn't some immortal aspect that's been around the FF series forever and has fundamental value in the series, unlike Warrior, Paladins, or Mages. your "SOLDIER" class would be a gimmick, added to appease the FFVII fanboys and girls who took too much FFVIIagra and can't get rid of their nostalgia boners.

You're welcome to post a formal suggestion to the developers, but they'll either not reply and filter you out with the rest of the unrealistic concepts, or by some miracle you're even given an answer, it'll be of the same thing that others have already stated in this thread.

While it's fun think about and share concepts, you seem to be taking it a little too seriously, thinking it's something that should be added into the game right now and that it could actually work, but really, it's just wishful thinking, and carrying on, fangirling and attempting to rationalize your fantasy class to everyone is just silly.


Not to mention, carrying on about it in two different forums when you've already gotten the same reaction from people. Say, what's the definition of insanity again...?
PSN ID: CrimsonSamuraiX

User Info: xenosaga123

4 years ago#9
I think this class is one of those things where people aren't going to believe/accept it unless SE makes SOLDIER happen. Only then would people accept it as an awesome thing (just like Magitek Armor, tradeable minions, Crystal Tower, heck, people were skeptical about this whole mmorpg remake until it happened, and more great things are shown about it with more hands on impressions. ) I'm more interested in how Dancer would be implemented to FFXIV ARR. Maybe Dancers might be designed like the FFT ones, though this time they should be more effective on offense. If the class that unlocks Ninja is Assassin, maybe Assassins and Dancers will be the same thing? (like Celia and Lede were assassin type dancers).

User Info: Masterthief

4 years ago#10
No thanks, not a class
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