Character Creation

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User Info: LookASquirrel

4 years ago#1
O.k. Lets be honest. How many times have we got a game that allowed you to customize your character's look, and you find yourself spending over an hour tweaking this and that!? We want him/her to look good, but unique at the same time.

What do you go for? Some traits of yourself? Something opposite of yourself? Or maybe you just go Mr. Potato Head and slap stuff together?

User Info: JanayBerry

4 years ago#2
I only hate when it involves deeper facial customization like eye shape, chin depth, etc, because once I see my character in a cutscene, I'm like, "wtf did I do to her nose?"

The end result is me deleting the character and starting over.
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User Info: xenosaga123

4 years ago#3
well the customization will be deep, but simple enough that you don't have to tweak a dozen sliders to make a nice face. there will be lots of face presets to choose from I think, so that helps.

User Info: malicemizerfan

4 years ago#4
I spend massive amounts of time on my first character(sometimes up to a full hour-two), then usually end up abandoning that one once I figure out I picked the wrong class, and after that, I make a couple changes to the presets and go with those from then on.

luckily, I need not worry about picking the wrong class in xiv.
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User Info: TiegerJD

4 years ago#5
Like all online games I play.
Blast through the creation to get a name I want.
Then delete and spend time making to my liking, whilst knowing that once I do all that my name will be available.
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User Info: LookASquirrel

4 years ago#6
TiegerJD posted...
Like all online games I play.
Blast through the creation to get a name I want.
Then delete and spend time making to my liking, whilst knowing that once I do all that my name will be available.

Oh, man! I think I can spend just the same amount of time thinking of the perfect name as I do designing the character! Wish you didn't bring that up, haha!

User Info: Bestia_Somnia

4 years ago#7
I make my character everything that I'm not
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User Info: NekoSlave

4 years ago#8
Same here. An hour for the looks, an hour (at least) for the name...
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User Info: zeldasho

4 years ago#9
I'm glad this game doesnt use those stupid slider meters. Those things are my bane. You nose is slightly off, tweak it, and now your whole face looks out of place.

Dark Souls, and White Knight Chronicles were probably the longest I spent in creators. I'd make the character, get ingame, and realize they looked mentally challenged or looked out of place compared to ingame characters.

And nothing is worse than finishing all of that perfectly, only to realize every single name you wanted is taken <_<. I need to plan out now what names I want to go after, so I don't waste time on the spot if one gets taken.
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User Info: Helban

4 years ago#10
I know it won't happen but I wish SE would go ahead and allow fans to download the character creator now so people (if they wanted to) could spend their free time this summer messing around with it as they await XIV relaunch/release. You could design your character(s), save and tweek the designs, and then upload the finished character(s) into the actual game upon release, only leaving the character name for the full game release.

Saints Row the Third did this by putting out a character creator demo players could play around with before the game was released and you could upload that demo's save into the game.

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