Wow the download is slow...

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User Info: mmelzer2004

4 years ago#1
Fluctuating between .10 and .15MB/s

Guess a lot of people are trying to get it downloaded at the same time.

Oh well, long wait incoming! Should be worth it though.

User Info: zoulenPSP

4 years ago#2
Yeah we've all been going at it pretty slow. Downloading on a Ps3 is usually much slower for me at least. Hopefully it's not too laggy in game.

User Info: EtroAnime

4 years ago#3
Same here, it will probably finishing download in a few more hours, I'll just find something else to do while I wait.
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User Info: mmelzer2004

4 years ago#4
Mine likely won't finish until tomorrow sometime, but I have my 360 and 3DS to take my attention away. Well, apart from the rest of today's US Open coverage.

User Info: SuperMonkX

4 years ago#5
really? only took 50mins to dl. not trying to brag or anything like that

User Info: 50n1kku

4 years ago#6
i got allll the way from 3 hours to 9 minutes left and it said some b******* about "couldnt download patches" and exited me out had to start all over and its still going.
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User Info: SlimeStack

4 years ago#7
I seem to be getting an average of 1 MB/s on both PS3 and PC. Not the longest download in the world tbh.
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User Info: mmelzer2004

4 years ago#8
Getting close to 20%. Maybe the approximate time remaining isn't very accurate. Still don't see myself playing until tomorrow, but it would be good to wake up to instead of still downloading.

User Info: MikeBearman

4 years ago#9
mine downloaded around 2.8-4.2 mbps and took about an hour

User Info: Bmoremike1989

4 years ago#10
I got all the way to the main launcher where it downloads all the files then it says no version found or something. I tried several more times did not even make it back to that point. Kept disconnecting saying random errors. I'm playing on pc right now so it's not too big a deal but I did want to see the ps3 version.
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