Need help for "The company you keep" Duty

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  3. Need help for "The company you keep" Duty

User Info: Soragoofy10

4 years ago#1
I'm with the Immortal Flames and when they give the quest for the fallen airship. I keep on dying in the Duty! I'm a level 20 Gladiator. Main reason why I die is because of the damn Magitek Vangaurd. Do you guys any tips?

User Info: Rabbott_

4 years ago#2
Wish I did have some tips. I keep dieing too lol

User Info: PJAC85

4 years ago#3
I need help with this quest also, anyone?

I have a feeling it has something to do with preventing that Vanguard from appearing but I don't know how to do it.

User Info: PJAC85

4 years ago#4
Well I was able to get past it, just not too sure how I did it. lol

The first couple times I tried I started attacking from the front and once the Vanguard came out, there were still some Imperial soldiers left. I guess the NPC's that fight with you just got overwhelmed and the Vanguard finished us off.

I'm not too sure if what I did on the 3rd attempt actually made a difference but I ran straight to the back and attacked the soldiers there and worked my way forward. When the Vanguard came out we had most of the soldiers beaten, and there were just like 2 left. Then we worked on the Vanguard and whittled it down little by little.

I dunno, maybe I just got lucky or maybe what I did on the 3rd attempt helped. Guess the best strategy with Duties like this is to just keep plugging away until you finally get past it.

User Info: HimuraKenshinX

4 years ago#5
I just completed this by provoking and kiting the vanguard around while the NPCs finished up the rest of the imperial humans. As long as you are proficient at kiting and don't take a cermet drill or drill cannon to the face, you should be fine. You kind of have to tank a little bit when it's just to the vanguard, as the NPCs are dumb and will quickly group up and die to drill cannons. So if you can face the vanguard away or reliably shield bash the cannons, you'll be okay. Eventually you'll hit a phase where the vanguard keeps running away and drill cannoning everyone. Just sprint behind him and you'll be alright, presuming you are good at using potions/cooldowns. It was kind of a rough fight, especially being a bit undergeared. It's doable, though.
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  3. Need help for "The company you keep" Duty

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