What did you name your character?

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User Info: Enju

4 years ago#1
I'm not sure if I'll get selected for the beta or not or if I'll even get the game but I'm definitely curious the kinds of names the people of FFXIV are calling themselves. So if your willing to share your character names then please do!
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User Info: BinaryPulsar

4 years ago#2
Depeche Mode
Patiently waits for Final Fantasy XIV ARR for my Ps3.Soon.. very soon

User Info: BananaPurple

4 years ago#3
Biggie Smalls

Might name my next char Mackle More/Harlem Shake when my current one gets wiped

User Info: TwinDaggers

4 years ago#4
I never used my usual name in beta as I like to try and make sure I get it in full game. So I called my archer "poison arrow" as it was something that popped up and I wanted to get straight in.

I didn't even mess with character creator as long as I usually do too. But that was down to not checking my email until last day of beta last weekend and then realising I didn't have much time.

User Info: ZXR_ReignSlayer

4 years ago#5
Zinora Blackwood
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User Info: itzqwik

4 years ago#6
Khal Drogo
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User Info: sweetdee33

4 years ago#7
Olivia Jaxton
any character i make is a girl. that's not weird.

User Info: 7656198

4 years ago#8
Snycherus Vankiln & Rosalinda Valentine
PSN: Snycher - Playing: GoW:A, The Witcher, FF14: A Realm Reborn, FF4
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User Info: Ein_Soph

4 years ago#9
Zubaztion Stormfeeler.
Bougyo no tame no bougyo nashi. "There is no defense for defense's sake." - Kendo saying.
PSN: Spearman-Rho

User Info: Syggys

4 years ago#10
Body Massage
PSN: SygBoss
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  3. What did you name your character?

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