My trip to reserve the CE of FFxiv; or Why I hate Gamestop.

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User Info: dhampire1

4 years ago#1
So yesterday I went to Gamestop to pay off and reserve the Collectors Edition of this game. I also wanted to buy Metal Gear Legacy Collection andreserve the Disney Infinity game.

First I ask for the Metal Gear game which was to come out yesterday. The store manager told me that the game is super rare and you can only get it by reserving it and then they will get it in on Friday for me. Which I know iss bullsh**, they just didn't get any in and I know it's not rare. So she kept pushing me to reserve it. I said no two times to doing that.

Then I said I wanted to reserve and pay for the CE ffxiv, then she spends a couple minutes on the computer to look up every single final fantasy game coming out for every game and kept telling me I have to reserve these. I kept saying no I just want to pay for this. She talks about Final Fantasy X-X2 Hd and how it will be so great and I should reserve it. I said no. Then she looks up and starts pushing Final Fantasy 13 Lightning returns on me saying how it will be such a great game and I need to have it on day 1. I again said no, I said I don't care about any of that I just want to pay for FF14. Then she starts a discussion outloud to the other employee about how cool and great the next FF games will be and how they will need to be reserved.

Then after minutes I was reserving the Disney Infinity game for my son, then she starts printing out all these papers on all the accsesories for the game and side stuff saying it will be sold out and I have to reserve them or I wont be able to get them. I kept saying no. Then she kept pushing the papers and pictures in front of my face and describing every thing, I kept saying no. Then she started asking me to reserve the next Skylanders game. Again I said no. Then she says about how my kid would love it and It would be hard to get and so on and so on. I again kept saying no I only want these few things.

Then they brought up how my discount card expired asking me to renew it. I said no. Then they went on and on saying I will save money. I said no. Then they said I saved $76 dollars using it last year. I said no again. Then they said i wont get a subscription to the magazine and I need to renew it to get that. I said no again.

So in the end to try to buy one new game and reserve two other games I was there about 10 minutes, said NO to 8 different games they tried to get me to reserve and said no to reserving numerous accessories. I said NO 4 times to renewing my membership. And this was all done by the store Manager. Then after all my No's and me saying I don't want to reserve any other games, she then makes me wait for her to print out all the games coming out for PS3 and Xbox 360 that I could reserve. I said I didn't want those and then she still put them in my bag.


The exact same thing happened when I reserved Injustice Gods Among us, they then pushed me to reserve 5 different games I all said NO to. Then when I picked up the game they then kept pushing on me to reserve 6 different games coming out, nothing I mentioned in the slightest. All saying NO, and again saying NO 3 times to renewing my card because it will expire soon. Then forcing on me the season pass which I said NO then saying I get all this and that and save money getting all DLC with the season pass. Then I did end up buying the season pass, but didn't get all DLC with it like she kept saying.
This happens literally every single time I walk into a Gamestop. Not just the one in my town but all of them. I use to go in the stores every week, now I avoid them like the plague for this exact reason and only go when it's some really great reserve incentive I really want. In years that went from one of my favorite stores to most feared and hated.
Many of my friends feel the exact same way. They have bcome the EPITOME of pushy.

I seriously fear what they will force down on me when I actually do pick up my reserved gamse.

User Info: Retroxgamer0

4 years ago#2
you really should have reserved those games. theyre going to be hard to get, you know that right?

User Info: Obs0lete1981

4 years ago#3
I've worked for gs before. And honestly I can tell you, if they didn't ask you all those questions they could be written up/fired.
Do I agree with it? No! As a matter of fact I hated having to do it.

Honestly, you should see it now. Now not only do they have to ask you about upcoming reserves and power up cards, but now they have to push trades in your face too. Basically that 8-10 mins you talked about earlier is now 20-30 if gs had their way.

It's a tough situation cause most employees know its wrong and don't like having to do it. But If they don't, they WILL lose their job. Unfortunately it's a catch 22 and the customer suffers in the end for it.

User Info: Manafront

4 years ago#4
FYI they keep their job based on getting people to reserve games. If you don't get reserves you get fired. Games sell themselves so they don't get credit for that

User Info: dhampire1

4 years ago#5
The past years I know GameStop has been suffering they say because of digital downloads, I never just download games, I like a physical copy and a case. I really thinks sales have been dropping a bit because of the nonstop pushiness.

I also can't stand how they sometimes sell "NEW" games when it's used.
I hate when you get the last new game in the store and it's not in the case, then you pay for a new game and they put it in the case with a huge sticker that forever leaves a giant sticky stuff on the front and back and the game at times has fingerprints on it even though it's new.
I knew people whom worked at 2 different Gamestops, and both of them the employees could take out new games like a library, even before the release date and play the games and then after it comes out they sell those exact games as "NEW".
I even knew people who let people "borrow" the games that were not emplyees, just friends of employees. I knew of that happening a lot. Then after numerous people have been playing it for weeks and it went to numerous houses, it's sold as a new game.
I remember years ago when Gamestop was in the news for doing that and getting in trouble for it, but it never stopped it.

User Info: XSilverPhoenixX

4 years ago#6
Just don't buy from GameStop unless they have an exclusive pre-order you're dying to get. The company is horrible.

User Info: chang_1910

4 years ago#7
well of u go often enough to gamestop is actually good. i m a regular customer of the same GS for like .. 3 years? .. by now the guy and girl there knows im a rpg and horror lover, so when i game is coming under this; especially if it has a CE (LOVE CE) they ask me and make sure i dont miss it.. heck one of them actually call me when he noticed they r running out and i have not reserve...
they keep my games for much longer.. and i can even reserve over the phone..
so yea, useful :)

User Info: maxxxximum

4 years ago#8
dhampire1 posted...
forever leaves a giant sticky stuff on the front and back

Yeah, that's annoying. Use WD-40. It's something I would think most people have in their cabinet somewhere. Remove the box inserts, spray the sticky stuff, and scrub it away. Dry the case, reinsert inserts, and done. There won't be a trace.
Stop your ignorance of Final Fantasy XI's awesome story. See it here.

User Info: Lord_Koji

4 years ago#9
I love my local GameStop. I'm friends with all the managers and full-timers and they don't give me any grief about anything. They always hook me up with insider info, special codes, beta access, free memorabilia, etc. Sometimes I'll spend 10-15 minutes just discussing the latest games with the staff. I'd love for you guys to come check my GameStop out. You'd either be blown away, or I'd know you're just the cave-dwelling type that just hates people interaction and whose panties are easily twisted. Seriously, you'd be hard pressed to hate my GameStop.
PSN: KojiKensei

User Info: adamolden

4 years ago#10
I pretty much have the Get in to Gamestop and Get Out routine down to a science.

Walk in, if there's a line, this actually works out better. If you're the only one in there and you walk up to the counter, you're in trouble cuz youll have to deal with the pushy sales.

If there's someone ahead of you, they give the speal to the guy/gal in front of you. Wastes your time still, either way, but when its your turn you can easily say "I heard all the offers you gave that person, not interested. Thanks, bye." And you can move on quicker.
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