Archer using Conjurers' skills

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User Info: EvelynEvelyn

4 years ago#1
Am I able to use heal?
...I may have skipped the small tutorial explaining it sorry!

User Info: DrachenBaren

4 years ago#2
Every class can equip skills from other classes.

To do so, it needs to be compatible with your class and you need to have unlocked it on the job that learns it.

When you get lvl 10 ARC, you can swap to CNJ, level it up and learn Cure, then get back on ARC and equip it from the Traits menu. You can check move compatibily there too. Highlight the skill, and all the jobs that can use it will be listed.
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User Info: Devil1337Jin

4 years ago#3
you can and protect and Raise, but cure will be meh, i use iton archer, but it only for inbtween killing things, never during a fight.

User Info: EvelynEvelyn

4 years ago#4
Thank you very much!
I shall try this Friday.

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