remember, blacklist function is your friend in FFXIV ARR chat

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User Info: xenosaga123

4 years ago#1
Yea it was silly seeing some people suffer the stupidity and offensive comments of others in chat,
instead of simply blacklisting them if they are raining the parade, spamming, harrassing, or insulting someone.

I have to double check but I think the easiest way to blacklist someone is select their name on the chat log
and choose the blacklist option (just like you can invite people to party and other things through that submenu window). You can select names on chat log either using select then dpad to scroll up and highlight chat log names, then X. or you can use Mouse mode L1/R3 to have the right analog cursor to pointy/clicky things (I use the select and dpad method to highlight chat names).

So overall, knowing how to blacklist offensive people is one of the basic things people should learn.
And there is a blacklist section in the social menus so you can unblacklist people you might have blacklisted
by accident (haven't blacklisted anyone in phase 3, haven't checked that section, but it's there.)

User Info: SSBoKantei

4 years ago#2
Hmm... where do I begin. Scratch that, I'll keep it short.

If I see you around on final fantasy XIV I will be sure to blacklist you with the tips you just gave me.

User Info: servb0ts

4 years ago#3
I only Blacklist Stalkers & Racists I can handle Trash Talk easily, because high school prepared me for that occasion lol.
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User Info: RazorRock

4 years ago#4
Sticks ans stones brudah.
I'll mapquest your address and run up in your s*** tonight!

User Info: BinaryPulsar

4 years ago#5
SSBoKantei posted...
Hmm... where do I begin. Scratch that, I'll keep it short.

If I see you around on final fantasy XIV I will be sure to blacklist you with the tips you just gave me.

Whats with the continues bashing of xeno? xeno has been the most reliable source on gamefaq,unlike some of the douchebags ive encountered on this site..
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User Info: SSBoKantei

4 years ago#6
Yeah I've only blacklisted a few people on FFXI.

Stalkers and racists were a similar line. Temp Black listing if things got heated and I knew I couldn't avoid picking a fight with that person. Most people didn't stay on the blacklist longer than a day or a week.

Had to blacklist and kick a girl out of the link shell for too many "fake crises for attention" in link shell chat. When they said there was a tornado outside of the house and then 15 mins later it was she swallowed a bunch of pills, and then I'm going to kill myself if someone doesn't help me unlock all summons....all within a hour...yeah blacklist.

When gil seller spam got really bad after year 8 I had to use it a bit more. Same with Casino spam.

And 1 person ended up on it for constant pestering to lower my price on to the point of harassment. Kept him on there out of spite.

I suggest avoiding black listing most players, it is a terrible way to build a proper community. I always did my best to guide "annoying" players to better conversation tactics, personal growth in an online community, and better ways to come out on top of situations.

I like the annoying players on average, they are fun to argue with and share stories with.

I am for the most part against black listing except extreme cases. I can deal with people say, and like to test out things online for real world use with abrasive online personas.

User Info: SSBoKantei

4 years ago#7
Continued? This is my second post. : )

Not sure if people bash this person or not. I can see clearly why they would.

Between this post and another post I saw after posting that. I can honestly say while he responds to posts and is generally trying to be helpful, he also uses his words in a fashion that are insulting and have a hint of a elitist attitude.

Do not confuse that with he is trying to insult people, nor is he an elitist. I don't know him nor want to bash him.

But he chose his words poorly in this post, and seemed like the type of person he suggested blacklisting.

It was food for thought, not a personal dig at the poster. I do not encourage the nonchalant use of the blacklist, especially when the community is just starting out.

It was an example, my original post was to show him simply blacklisting people who wasted a few seconds of your life with useless banter, isn't good advise.

He and I will be on the same server lol, how dumb would it of been for me to actually black list him because I don't like his grammar, and the fact he is giving out bad advise even though he is trying to help.

It would of been dumb as hell. First impressions aside, if I see him on my server, I'll /point, say "gamefaqs", start a small conversation, and see what direction his plans and goals are taking him.

User Info: rm31439

4 years ago#8
I've been playing WoW for 8 years and in that time I put only a handful of people on ignore (most of them only for a couple of days). I am not offended by trash-talk, it's more of an entertainment while questing, so I really look forward to reading trash-talk in four different languages once this game launches (European server).

I am however offended by racist or sexist people, but I'd rather report them (provided such function exists) than just ignore them.

Still there will be situations when it's best to ignore/blacklist people. So thank you TC for pointing out the possibility, especially for gamers new to MMOs since the interface and its functions can be quite confusing at the beginning.

User Info: Duke_Vassago

4 years ago#9
I am really starting to feel bad for ol' Xeno here. Xeno has been nothing but nice to people here from what I've seen.

I'll blacklist whoever makes me uncomfortable that I do not have to deal with on a daily basis because of mutual associations. That is that, as far as I am concerned.
servb0ts; I feel your pain bro. I had a few stalker issues on FFXI and pulled out the ban hammer and hit the mod call button. There are some real crazies out there, for sure.
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User Info: Uglysmurf

4 years ago#10
I did blacklist one person during phase 3 because he super-spammed the chat log with the same emote for minutes on end... But the blacklist didn't work for it, it kept showing up on the chat.
Not sure if that was because of beta, but I do hope that gets fixed.
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