New beta not until Aug 17th...

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User Info: nsibbs

4 years ago#1

Sux... I hate this wait.
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User Info: servb0ts

4 years ago#2
Looking at the two notices and putting two and two together, logic dictates that phase 4 (which will be the open beta) should begin on August the 17th. Of course it’s not mentioned explicitly, so for now we’ll have to handle it as a hot rumor.

That said, let’s hope to hear an official announcement soon. If the August the 17th date proves to be true, the open beta phase will be extremely short. Preorder slips state that early access will last seven days. Considering that the game will release on August the 27th, three days of open beta seem a little on the brief side.

^^I'm reserving judgment.
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User Info: seiryoden

4 years ago#3
nsibbs posted...

Sux... I hate this wait.
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Came here hoping to cuss you bad, but yeah, it seems legit T_T:

Still, the new benchmark is up today.... :)
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User Info: Duke_Vassago

4 years ago#4
...that makes no sense.
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User Info: Zakuroo

4 years ago#5
Duke_Vassago posted...
...that makes no sense.

Unless your characters from Open Beta will be carried over into the Early Access/Main game.

Then it makes perfect sense.
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User Info: K4P_Link

4 years ago#6
ugh I hope not..farther away than I had hoped v_v
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User Info: theedizzyone

4 years ago#7
Oh well.
I'll have more time to get through Tales of Xillia.

User Info: spamcakes

4 years ago#8
Open beta could possibly start before then and they might just be accepting new applications a few days into the beta.

User Info: Vampyre_Ghost

4 years ago#9
Your characters are supposed to carry over into early access and then the game from what I heard, but if they release it that late, it is no longer a beta... it is early, early access/demo not beta.

But it also says "registration" not until that date, which doesn't necessarily mean the beta starts that date. They could do a week of people who already have codes, then open it up to people that didn't sign up before the 22nd.

User Info: Duke_Vassago

4 years ago#10
If the beta is that close to release, it is more like a publicity stunt to promote the game than an actual beta. This is pretty fake of Square if you ask me.
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