PS3 voice chat

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User Info: Aiden5576

3 years ago#1
Does anyone know if this would work well? Using text chat is fine but this would be easier I think.

User Info: XCrimsonSamurai

3 years ago#2

They'd have to implement it so that it works for both PS3 and PC, there's no way they'd do it just for the PS3 users, that would be stupid and wouldn't work.

They also don't care about adding a voice chat program for PC because there are plenty of third party chat clients that you can use while on your PC, and it's also not really something they want to waste resources on when the majority of people may not even use it over teamspeak/vent/skype because in-game voice chats are always terrible (see WoW).
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User Info: X-iiLoopii

3 years ago#3
Not at all, if you want to have voice chat your better of with skype or some other pc client. For instance a fried and I use C3 (free voice chat client) and play on ps3 easy and don't have to worry bout lagged out voice chat that wont ever work during mmo's at launch anyway.

User Info: JStewVGM

3 years ago#4
Yeah use a third party program man

User Info: SelkiPrime

3 years ago#5
skype son.
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User Info: Iceman-X

3 years ago#6
This is not true, Dust 514 can do it just fine. Voice chat from PS3 to PC.
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User Info: jamesfarrow2003

3 years ago#7
Anyone have a good set-up for using a headset for game sound(from PS3) and chat from some PC program simultaneously?

User Info: UniGiz2606

3 years ago#8
Iceman-X posted...
This is not true, Dust 514 can do it just fine. Voice chat from PS3 to PC.

First off lolDUST514 bad devs are bad

Secondly, unlike DUST514 you have full interaction with PC players on here. On dust you have a wall blocking you.

With DUST 514 you have text chat, clan (in DUST 514 case corp) support for being in the same one as EVE Online and DUST 514 players, marketing, and orbital strike. Other then that you really have no full interaction. I've been playing DUST 514 since the start of closed beta testing last year in Jan and so far that is all CCP as had in interaction with.

With FFXIV:ARR you have full on PC player to PS3 player interaction. That means everything is the same on both sides pretty much. They'd have to basically add in a VOIP for PC, PS3 and then add it in for the PS4 when the game is launched on it, which they could but how many MMORPG's do you play that actually have VOIP support?
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User Info: Astroshak

3 years ago#9
I know that Everquest has an in-game voice chat thing. Its .. well, calling it bad names and insulting its mother would be complimenting it. Its that bad.

User Info: kildrake

3 years ago#10
Dust 514 has a party chat system that included PC players. Also when u entered a game it had a chat system where if ur solo u hear everyone. If u wanted. Also you can speak to your clan through your mic. It has the option to turn your chat completely off. Why can't this game have that? At least a party chat system.

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