duty finder BS

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User Info: Ddeathscythe

4 years ago#1
I sewar do people not like playing as a healer or tank because I been on duty finder for at least anhour now even trying to shout for member theres no one around.

User Info: baronofsyn

4 years ago#2
I love lamp?

User Info: ULoki

4 years ago#3
Are you trying to do the Sastasha dungeon? I waited for over half an hour last night and couldn't even get to a party. I just leave the place altogether until I find a way to fix it.

User Info: Ryupower

4 years ago#4
i did the 1st 2 dungeon today

as a archer
30+ min wait each

it might be good to set join in progress parties

User Info: XCrimsonSamurai

4 years ago#5
The woes of playing a DPS; there are a ton. You have to be ready to wait a little while if you want a group, though usually it only takes me like 10 minutes.

Really, if you have a healer, you're golden though. If you get one via shout, or have one as a friend, you won't have to wait at all. Even as a tank, it can still take a very long time to find a group, because there are still almost as many of them as there are DPS. People like playing tanks in this game apparently.
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User Info: Nathanmg

4 years ago#6
I specifically switched from THM to CNJ just so I could continue the main storyline quickly -_-

Although must be said leveling is quick and fun as CNJ in dungeons.

User Info: flip4stackz

4 years ago#7
in phase 2 and 3 of the beta i had no problem using the duty finder to do the dungeons

phase 4 was a different story, the only way i was able to even get into the dungeon was by inviting people to my party till i had it filled and it would finally let me in (i had the duty finder on for more than an hour at one point)

User Info: Ddeathscythe

4 years ago#8
Waited about two hours but I finally beat my first dungeom . I imagined it be easier to find parties for tank because when I play I never see any tanks at all

User Info: Ryupower

4 years ago#9
i have not played as a CNJ in dungeons

they should not be attacking they should be healing
they can do some attacks, but healing should come 1st

Even if you have attacking spells

the healing of tanks and DPS come 1st

User Info: Nisa20

4 years ago#10
I love healing :>
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