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User Info: Deception613

3 years ago#1
Right now, I am am a Level 21 Miner. I'm decked out in LV 20 Equipment except the belt and the jewelry. I was thinking about adding materia to my equipment, because there isn't anyway I can afford (or find) the higher level armor, problem is...

To meld materia to equipment, I need to be an appropriate level in certain classes and learned how to do it. To level up those classes, I need money, which is the very reason of not increasing my armor level as a Miner.

Here is my question: I am looking for Levequest, and I can only find up to Level 15 in Drybones Camp. Where is the Level 20/ 25 Levequest?

Obviously I need to do Levelquest to make money, which is increasing my level more, which means my armor becomes outclassed and It is a vicious cycle.

Has anyone else run into this?
I beat up slimes with nothing more than a stick.
Applies to Minecraft and on Dragon Quest.

User Info: Deception613

3 years ago#2
What should I do?
I beat up slimes with nothing more than a stick.
Applies to Minecraft and on Dragon Quest.

User Info: RedPanther_Game

3 years ago#3
I use this link: http://eorzeareborn.com/levemete/

Hope this helps

User Info: Mashiyyat

3 years ago#4
Whts the levels of your other classes? Have you played the story any? The war/magic classes? A large amount of your money will come from the quests of War/Magic or fetch quests. AT some point you get a retainer and then you can sell stuff, at that point you can start taking some of the more in demand items and selling them through your retainer to the community on the marketboard. Personally if you're main focus has been mining i'd level maybe arm or bsm up as a craft then use my leves on quests for them. I find its easier to turn in HQ craft leves for extra money than it is to do well in gathering leves.

SO to reitterate, if you have done much of the story as a disciple of war/magic then go do that, you'll get good money going through(i had 200k by the end) and you'll unlock the retainer so you can sell stuff you gather/craft/win in battle. Also this'll let you use your retainer to store 175 extra items, and you can have 2 retainers so you basically increase your inventory by 350 slots(i somehow still ran out of space lol).

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