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User Info: firemastar2345

4 years ago#1
as the title says new to this game I have 2 characters 1 on Midgarsormr (level 8 Thumaturge) and one on Famfrit (level 9 Con) if ya wanna add me please feel free to do so im always looking for new people to hang out with thanks!
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User Info: gcmusic12

4 years ago#2
I'm on Famfrit as well. My brother and I are both ~level 28 though so a bit ahead but feel free to friend me anyways. I've got a secondary class at level 12 so thats pretty close actually. Always good to find nice, laid back people to play with (something I'm a little worried about when we get to the late-game), and this is my first MMO.

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User Info: RavenCaerleone

4 years ago#3
This is my first MMO, and So far I am digging it. A lot. I am on Famfrit as well, my roommate and I started a Free Company called the Abysswalkers (Dark Souls, Anyone?). We are not elitists, and I enjoy helping out other people. My Character's name is Raven Caerleone, and I am a 48 Warrior as of right now. If you guys are interested, I would be happy to add you to our Free Company.

User Info: erson

4 years ago#4
I don't have the game yet, but will be getting it either this weekend or next weekend.

I've never played any MMORPG ever so I'd like to ask as to how is this game compared to the non-MMO FF games in terms of learning curve and in general. E.g. will I be doing a lot of grinding and leveling to really enjoy the game?
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User Info: Phaild

4 years ago#5
Constant leveling is inherent part of most MMOs, but grinding on random monsters won't get you anywhere.

Most of your leveling, at least your starting class, is done through quests. The main storyline is especially important because you need to follow it to unlock most of the content.

As you go along you'll unlock dungeons and primal boss fights, which are the most enjoyable aspects of the game.

If you've never played a MMO, the learning curve comes from grasping the party dynamics in dungeons. Each class plays a vital role and you need to learn how each contributes to the party. Luckily the class quests do teach you the basics.
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