is this game worth getting

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User Info: Phaild

4 years ago#21
LordVhaerun posted...
Phaild posted...

Your comprehension skills are terrible.

He knows all of this, regardless he's asking for opinions whether or not this game is fun to play.

And the answer is yes, it's well worth at least trying, even if you are not used to the subscription fees and online gameplay.

...Except he then ask if this game is a good solo offline game >.>

If you come into the game expecting a straight RPG, you'll be sorely mistaken. You cannot beat the game solo, nor offline (nor is there any real way to 'beat' the game.) There *is* a grind at times, very focused on group-based activities - which is not something a solo RPG would have.

Is this a fun game? Most certainly, I haven't had this much fun with an MMO in a long time.
Is it a good RPG to pass the time? As long as you realise that it *is* an MMO and will require always online and group activities.

On the contrary, the game is very much soloable and can be beaten just like any classical RPG. And by beaten we are sticking to the most standard definition, which is clearing the storyline and beating dungeons and bosses associated with it.

The story is easily comparable to any standard RPG game out there and is very lengthy, meaning you'll definitely get your money's worth of playtime, especially since FFXIV's already cheaper than most retail games.

The storyline is also heavily solo oriented and the Duty Finder itself is nothing more than a tool for solo players to advance in the game.

By using Duty Finder, the only thing you need to concern yourself with is playing your own role correctly, nothing more.

This is something anyone can do and does not require any sort of online mentality. It hardly even classifies as "group based activity" because you do not need to verbally interact nor know the people you are dealing with at all. You might as well be playing with bots, the experience is pretty much the same.
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User Info: godslayer61

4 years ago#22
fallenangel2100 posted...
Can i get a decent answer without the hints of trolling

Im being serious despite the pay to play aspects is this a good game to try out

you sound like we like the same stuff and for the sp it is great I have 5 main classes around lvl's 10-26 and all the work classes between 7-23 and the only time I played in a party was when it was forced on you and even then they will find a group for you so yes the sp is good. A lot better than sp in wow or eq2 or starwars.
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User Info: Zhalfer

4 years ago#23
please remove this post
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