Warz worth $3.75?

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User Info: zerooo0

4 years ago#1

I'm expecting kinda biased opinions on the PC board as I made the topic, so I thought I would ask here also.

User Info: anonymous46773

4 years ago#2
Not really. It's pretty terrible. Though depending on how desperate you are to play a game like this, I guess maybe it might be worth $3.75?

If you were curious and wanted to try it for yourself, now would be the optimum time to try it. Just make sure to do your own research before you decide to pay.
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User Info: UkichiTachibana

4 years ago#3
no idea but i just bought it.

Gonna just dive in there and hope for the best. (it's only 3.75 so whatever)

User Info: Squeesnightmare

4 years ago#4
My money would've been spent better on a sandwich...

Oh well, maybe I can find a decent private server to play on.

User Info: Misaka_Desu

4 years ago#5
you'd have more fun with your money if you literally flushed it down the toilet.

User Info: DragulaZombie

4 years ago#6
I regret buying this since the sale ended.
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User Info: Jarred623

4 years ago#7
It's worth it for the sole purpose of exploring the game world. There's quite a bit to see. Game is ass though.
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User Info: SangreMuerta

4 years ago#8
Have any of you been on lately? The game is descent. It's not something that will keep you hooked for hours upon hours at a time because their isn't any story to it. They are constantly updating it. It isn't the same game it was 6 months ago.

User Info: Original Sinner

Original Sinner
4 years ago#9
I like it but I don't love it. It's well worth $3.75, though.

User Info: Exavior

4 years ago#10
I actually really enjoy the game, and i not only paid the full $15 for it, but i bought it... 6 months ago?

It's really really NOT fun if you don't have anyone to play with, and if you play solo, you will die a lot. over and over again. and youll hate it.

The only reason i play it is just for PvP, hang around towns like clearview and smallville, and just kill people for hours and hours. Tons of fun :D
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