Oh my god, almost bought this game!

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  3. Oh my god, almost bought this game!

User Info: Asuir

4 years ago#1
I was looking through games on sale on Steam and saw this and thought it looked interesting. I saw there were a bunch of people playing it and had no idea that this was War Z. I do remember reading something about a name change, but didn't realize it was this game.

Good thing I came on here before I bought it. Whew. Really dodged a nuke there.

User Info: aheedthegreat

4 years ago#2
Me too, they pulled the old name switcheroo and almost tricked me.
GT: Aheed The Grim

User Info: Kenshinnok

4 years ago#3
It's funny. I looked at the game page, saw the metacritic score of 20 and wondered how in the world it could be that bad of a game.

Then I looked at the MMO part, wondered why I never heard of this zombie survival MMO and why it was so badly rated, then it finally clicked in my head that it was The War Z renamed.

This game is just such a horrible train wreck with how the developers treat it. It's even worse than how Darkfall started off.

User Info: SangreMuerta

4 years ago#4
Everyone has a right to their opinion, but if you haven't played the game at all you can't really say how horrible any game is. If you haven't played the game in the last 6 months then you should log in and take an other look. Game is looking pretty good and it is fun. That score of 20 in steam was the score from last November so you can't really take that for a current face value. Yes the game was bad last year but they have made a crap ton of game play and graphical improvements.

If you hate the company (which is understandable) for the things they tried to pull go ahead and say so. But game has come a long way.
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  2. Infestation: Survivor Stories (The War Z)
  3. Oh my god, almost bought this game!

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