Jiyuna CP Tier List

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User Info: abad_lime

4 years ago#1
S+: Tao, Litchi, Hakumen
S: Hazama, Jin, Valkenhayn, Mu
A: Arakune, Carl, Rachel, Azrael
B: Ragna, Relius, Tager, Platinum, Nu, Bang, Tsubaki
C: Izayoi, Bullet, Amane, Makoto

Taken off Dustloop's CP discussion thread found here


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User Info: Graveblaze

4 years ago#2
The list is looking pretty interesting. I knew Ragna would be sitting comfortably in a lower-middle tier, based on what I've read and seen. I'm happy to see Taokaka looking strong, though, since I subbed her in CT and still dabble in her from time to time.

It looks like the characters are settling in fairly consistently now, unless undiscovered tricks and techniques shuffle up the list in the future.

Here's a tier list I found from around the 11th of January, for comparison. Most of the positions are about the same, with some placed a tier above or below what they are now.

S: Taokaka, Hazama, Hakumen, Jin, Litchi
A+: Mu, Azrael, Valkenhayn, Relius
A: Ragna, Carl, Arakune, Rachel, Tsubaki, Bang, Platinum, Nu
B: Izayoi, Noel, Bullet, Tager, Amane, Makoto

From here: http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?threads/blazblue-chrono-phantasma-announced.165891/page-7
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User Info: abad_lime

4 years ago#3
I'm really hoping they find something nice for Izayoi. I feel she still has that untapped potential. Not to mention there aren't many players that stand out with her.

And since your list has Noel and for whatever reason the OP doesnt, i'm gonna just say she's somewhere down there.

That said i play top tiers again.
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User Info: Zaigou

4 years ago#5
Let us assume that this tier list is in fact, more or less, true.

Graveblaze posted...
S: Taokaka, Hazama, Hakumen, Jin, Litchi

What is this, CS1 again? How is it that Litchi of all things gets to be top tier again? I could also argue that Haku-men being there is strange considering the massive nerf hit his Drives took or how he was top in Extend. Taokaka being up there is a pleasant surprise. Hazama being there again is not.

Graveblaze posted...
A+: Mu, Azrael, Valkenhayn, Relius
A: Ragna, Carl, Arakune, Rachel, Tsubaki, Bang, Platinum, Nu
B: Izayoi, Noel, Bullet, Tager, Amane, Makoto

And now I am starting to worry. 4 new characters got introduced in CP and only 1 of them is considered even remotely worthwhile. I mean, come on. You'd think they'd be at least in the middle and not in the bottom of the barrel with Tager. And while on this subject, What the hell is Makoto doing being in the bottom tier again? Was Extend not enough?

*Sigh* I really wish this tier list business didn't get to me as much as it does. Admittedly character love >>> tiers but geez, 4 of my personal favorite characters are stuck in that bottom pit. Regardless of your ultimate opinion on tiers, it is still disheartening to see.
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User Info: Azure_lKite

4 years ago#6
Hazama top tier AGAIN.

Also, wtf is Makoto doing at the bottom. And why is Nu so low.
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User Info: TheSuspected

4 years ago#7
Nu and Izayoi will rise, mark my words. They're just a little more difficult to play.

I am surprised Makoto is still so low, because her new options and things of that nature make her far better than what she used to be.
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User Info: IAmMC2

4 years ago#8
>Hazama, Azrael AND Relius all substantially high tier
>Amane and Izayoi are garbage tier
>Arakune is good again

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User Info: DeathVelvien

4 years ago#9
...Tsubaki's that low even with her buffs? Dammit. Oh well, she's clearly better than her CS1 and Extend versions, so I'll be fine XD
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User Info: Tyrant_Laharl

4 years ago#10
Not sure why everyone is making a fuss about Taokaka being top, when she has been in the top/high tier in every game so far except for CT, where she was at the very top of mid..
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