In need of Allies..

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User Info: Dewmz

5 years ago#1
Go to Trade..
Search for ID: 47424659

Recruit me :)

I'm new, but I am on daily, and trying to improve.
RoB IGN: DrinkinBluntz

User Info: ManManMon

5 years ago#2
Me too, 47030419

User Info: ManManMon

5 years ago#3
I need two more allies, I don't even have enough to fill all the slots in an ally challenge yet (only have three so far) Surely someone wants some easy AP?


5 years ago#4
Need allies too user ID 44423764

User Info: TaigaStyle

4 years ago#5
Also in need of allies. 52521867 .

User Info: CodeLelouch

4 years ago#6
Oh, oh me!~

ID 51644138
Peaceful days are over...
Lets Survive!

User Info: kimutako

4 years ago#7
Add me, active daily 51738357 :)
GT: HiNuSazabi

User Info: Ghostextechnica

4 years ago#8
Hey guys, friend me too I'm always on and a good friend to have.



User Info: twentyfingthree

4 years ago#9
Just started but im quickly rising in the ranks ;D add 53059519 im usually on

User Info: GenkaiSIX

4 years ago#10
Why is it so hard to find anyone to ally with? I've sent so many requests but get no responses.

Anyway, please invite me. ID# 45171859
Insurrection is served on a twelve inch platter.
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