did anyone get the game today?

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  3. did anyone get the game today?

User Info: dc1902

3 years ago#1
my gamestop hasnt' open yet, wondering if people got the game today?
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User Info: YigPwnsFace

3 years ago#2
I pre-ordered the SE from gamestop.com and it came yesterday. Was pleasantly surprised.

User Info: DeaDz29

3 years ago#3
Nope, went to mine and they didn't have it in stock, said they should have it in tomorrow. Going there today wasn't a total waste for me, I did get my copy of "The Witch and the Hundred Knight"

Also, there was another guy at GS wanting to pick up this game as well, and the employee said that we were the only 2 who preordered the game.

We were both getting ready to leave the store, when UPS arrived with a shipment...we both got our hopes up that the game arrived right then, but unfortunately it didn't.
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User Info: ShinCougar

3 years ago#4
Mine is currently "in transit", the GS employee said *sheesh* --but then he explained that meant it was on the UPS truck; I felt better

When my LE comes in (hopefully an hour or so from now) I'll repost with a pic.
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User Info: jimbobolowskie

3 years ago#5
Just found a gamestop in nyc with ONE copy. Dude was putting it on the shelf right when I called. Its alll mineeeee! mirokummmaaa awaken!

User Info: Setnaro X

Setnaro X
3 years ago#6
If it makes anyone feel better, I've been checking up on Gamestop online to see if they've been stocking up on the game at all. Yesterday there was absolutely NO INFO about it, and now this morning there are several popping up in my area, so at the very least, it's starting to get shipped out today right on schedule. Depending on where you are located, you might be able to get it today or wait for tomorrow.

In my case, I live in South Florida, and so far, only 3 Gamestops got it in today, but I expect a few more to pop up by the end of the day, and hopefully the one near my home gets it as well. The closest Gamestop right now that has it is 34 miles away, and the next one is 84 miles.
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User Info: Jeannie13

3 years ago#7
It's snowing further up the east coast, dunno if that is effecting it, but I gor no probs checking tomorrow.

At least I got my FFX HD and DW8XL Complete. Also, my CE of Witch and The Hundred Knight yesterday.
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User Info: AzureXIII

3 years ago#8
Neither of the two Gamestops near me had even ONE copy of the damn game. I ended up having to get the game shipped to my house, which could take anywhere from 5-7 days, apparently.

The wait continues.
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User Info: thompsontalker7

3 years ago#9
Got mine yesterday, not at a GameStop, but a Video Game World in my city.
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User Info: Red_Ragnarok

3 years ago#10
What about other retailers?
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