SDPP exploit

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User Info: Tuxedo_Jin

5 years ago#1
Sooooo it seems as if you can still exploit this trick SR!
Turn off the auto-update for your time and date on you iPad/iPhone and set the date to whenever and you get the same result as in the DS version... I like it! Yoshimitsu, here I come!
Now if we could just figure out mingling....
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User Info: Raulsen

5 years ago#2
I'd much rather have a way to disable Shut-down PP. Seriously, if you have to quite suddenly and you're using a pin that needs Mingle or Battle PP for the desired evolution, then it's a BIG annoyance.
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User Info: HeroOfLightPKN

5 years ago#3
If you make an SDPP deck to swap too when you shut the game off you won't have that problem.

I use a bpp battle deck
An SDPP deck
And two mingles

But you can set them up anyway you want, just remember to swap when you shut the game off

Double tap the button and hold the icon in the pop up menu then - it out of your quick que or it will leave itself on in standby.

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