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User Info: jpricey007

4 years ago#1
...and it's good!!! Very good in fact :-)

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User Info: BIoodEdge

4 years ago#2
It got an 8.9 everyone
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User Info: SaintFC_

4 years ago#3

State of Decay’s ambition reaches farther than most $60 titles, so its value is unquestionable as a $20 download – especially given how it manages to successfully meet so many of its lofty goals. I spent about 12 hours in this Zed-infested world, and while I saw most of what’s there, I could’ve spent a few more hours exploring. And since I focused on melee weapons the first time, I fully plan to start another game with a gun-centric character. Meanwhile, startup developer Undead Labs has already said that if State of Decay is successful, it hopes to follow it up with a massively multiplayer online sequel, codenamed “Class4.” But for now, Decay belongs in the pantheon of great modern zombie games alongside Valve’s Left 4 Dead series and Telltale’s Walking Dead.

For those of us too lazy to click.
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User Info: XTGhost85

4 years ago#4
this is great newsI got my 1600 points ready
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User Info: bornintoshadows

4 years ago#5
BIoodEdge posted...
It got an 8.9 everyone

honestly, a little higher than i thought they'd rate it. i figured it would get an 8 flat. glad to see that even the "minor issues" don't take away from the game

User Info: Aenisha

4 years ago#6
Only 12 hours long? Hmm
You just got beaten.. by a GIRL!

User Info: gamedude00000

4 years ago#7
The only thing that bugs me about that review is that they think The Walking Dead is even remotely in the same league as State of Decay and L4D (as implied by that last sentence)

However, I am playing it right now (one of the 40 people who recieved the code from the Last Day on Earth contest), and let me say this...

Since the PS2, I long wanted an open world zombie game. Something that could just... really burst out, show all the possibilty a zombie game could have... and my god, State of Decay is all of that and more. I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight, and to those of you who have to wait until the morning I URGE YOU TO SLEEP NOW, because you will not be sleeping tomorrow night. I can almost guarantee that.
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User Info: Aenisha

4 years ago#8
Careful of spoilers.. Especially about the pastor...
You just got beaten.. by a GIRL!

User Info: Purple_Cheetah

4 years ago#9
Aenisha posted...
Only 12 hours long? Hmm

Think they only spent that much time on it. You can either blitz it, or explore everything. Times will vary.
Even if it's 12 hours long that's far better than some 60 dollar titles. I won't name names, but recently learned of a first person shooter that released in 2012 for 60 dollars and only provided a very copy paste SP that takes 3.5-4.5 hours and has a massive 5 weapons.

Came out same out same week as Max payne 3 for comparison of where that 60 could have gone.

User Info: PR_Fiasco

4 years ago#10
Aenisha posted...
Only 12 hours long? Hmm

12+ hours on top of a potentially longer game. Just because the story ends, the game doesn't.

There's more to the game that meets the eye.
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