Blunt, Edged or Heavy, which do you think works better?

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User Info: meboy

4 years ago#11
I have good cardio with Maya so your mileage may vary, but I'd say an eighth of the bar, maybe even less. I can use it on four or five zombies, roll away from threats, and neutralize the whole group using that move alone without getting winded (bottom of the bar where the meter is flashing).

It does have a bit of a vulnerable moment; you spin and duck, so the timing has to be right to start with, and if you miss or are really in a swarm it can be risky.
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User Info: jman427

4 years ago#12
Heavy on a guy with fast hands is a beast. Blunt is a safe bet too since a zombie on the floor is no threat. Edged I havent played with much but they seem like the glass cannon, weakest durability, strongest damage, its just not as impressive to me when I can already two shot zombies with my other weapons, but I am training at least one person to use blades to see how good they can be.

Although my favorite has to be Marcus's ability to do spine buster insta kills on zombies one at a time without being interrupted.

User Info: WildGoose2K12

4 years ago#13
Prefer anything that isn't the two handed/heavy weapons because nobody in my group has the stamina to wield heavy weapons aside from Marcus but even he struggles after a short while.

User Info: Carpetfluff

4 years ago#14
My Marcus specialised in blunt and now his powerhouse level is high he does one hit kills most the time to normal zombies. I guess the chance to take limbs off so they can't hit you with edged is nice, but if you can kill them quick, that's a bit moot.

User Info: Strakadh_OF

4 years ago#15
I have a guy 7-7 fighting edged with rage hes unstoppable.

Take a machete and I can 1 shot most things, its like a blender when I get rushed, the leg amputation swing is also a guaranteed 1 shot kill, they just squirm and die with no legs.
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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
4 years ago#16
I like the edged weapons, removing limbs is too awesome to pass up. - New gaming series
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User Info: EyesBlack

4 years ago#17
i prefer heavy weapons on powerhouse people, and edged on the rest, and use blunt weapons just until I level up enough to specialize in edged or heavy

my thought process on this is, if u get jammed in a building filled with zombies (hopefully that doesn't happen) but worst case scenario id prefer the weapon that can possibly insta kill (edged) over knocking people down n trying to finish them, and heavy also seems to 1 hit ko sometimes but that may be the powerhouse stat but then heavy also knocks them down and hurts more so it wins over blunt for my playstyle.

I like decapitation weapon specialization for edged weapons so i can 1 shot armored zeds but i wouldn't use it when getting overran, id just spam regular attack. I love the low sweep for heavy for 1 hit kills on regular zeds which also rocks in tight quarters like if your partner is getting swarmed just walk up and sweep and watch like 3 zeds instantly die lol.

User Info: Chaos_915

4 years ago#18
Edged weapons for reflex characters. They don't need blunt weapons since they have sweep kick.

Heavy weapons for powerhouse, since it's not as viable on non-powerhouse characters. Edged weapons are also strong with powerhouse since they have high odds of either decapitation or instant death with each attack.

I use blunt weapons for anyone without powerhouse/reflex, since their only other knockdown option is the drop kick,which leaves you vulnerable. Heavy weapons could be used for knockdowns, but they swing them slower than a powerhouse.

If they have the eagle eye trait, then rifle is a good option, since it doesn't hurt to have a few skilled snipers in the watchtower.

User Info: SuperMilk8868

4 years ago#19
Heavy is pretty beast and I can never find good edged weapons anyway so blunt would be my #2.
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