How Do I rest

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User Info: HandsomeLuke

4 years ago#1
Marcus is Tired how do I rest him ?

User Info: GodlyTwins

4 years ago#2
Switch to a different character, via d-pad (up) and pressing (X) on one of the playable characters in the list or you can just walk up to them and tell them to switch.
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User Info: CrazyGuy1628

4 years ago#3
Later on in the game its a good idea to build more beds in your base too cause half my people were all tired then I built more beds and I could use all of them again.

User Info: innersmoke

4 years ago#4
Rest is for the weak, my Marcus is all hopped up on energy drinks and morphine. On second thought he's probably strung out... And addicted. Maybe I should build some beds
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