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can i get rid of the library when i have the upgrades?

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  3. can i get rid of the library when i have the upgrades?

User Info: monkmith

3 years ago#1
just wondering if i need to keep it around once i have all the upgrades? will they suddenly become unavailable (like the greenhouse)?
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User Info: boyodestiny

3 years ago#2
I believe you can. I have not built a library myself but I have read on these boards that once you get the upgrades you can destroy the library and build something else.

Hopefully it works! let us know if you try it

User Info: ahogue82

3 years ago#3
Bump got justice! Anyone try this yet?
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User Info: XxCarmainexX

3 years ago#4
I've been looking for a answer to that question myself. Has anyone confirmed it, hate to waste all those supplies for nothing.

User Info: innersmoke

3 years ago#5
Yes sir, destroy that library when you get done upgrading your medical tent
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User Info: Maeljin_incarna

3 years ago#6
I just posed this question in the "Answers" section. It's good to know that the upgrades won't re-lock but if you demolish their respective facilities will those upgraded options still exist if you rebuild the same facilities somewhere else (when relocating your homebase, for instance)? Or do you have to research them all over again for the new facilities?
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  3. can i get rid of the library when i have the upgrades?

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