Does the warehouse workshop repair weapons?

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  3. Does the warehouse workshop repair weapons?

User Info: bLiNdSnIpErZ20

4 years ago#1
If it does then how do I repair them?
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User Info: valeski2236

4 years ago#2
No but it will after the up coming patch.

User Info: siegeshot

4 years ago#3
Repairs them automatically over night as long as you stash them in the safety box.
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User Info: jman427

4 years ago#4
Right now it works like this:

Any weapon, equipped or in the box, along with cars parked in the spaces, will be repaired on the next REAL LIFE day, not in game days

they are changing this in the patch, it is a funny thing for them to mess up, I think we got trolled lol

User Info: meleecritical

4 years ago#5
Allons y, TC!
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  3. Does the warehouse workshop repair weapons?

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