Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide(v2.0)

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User Info: 123pizza2

4 years ago#1
So now that this game has been out for a little bit, I think we should start culminating our knowledge together. In this topic I am going to post a compilation of all the knowledge that I have acquired so far. By all means post anything that I have missed, said incorrectly, or should expand upon.

Here we go, round two!

The Order of Topics of Discussion is as follows:
General, Gameplay Mechanics, Combat Mechanics, Zombies, Equipment, Resources, Base/Outpost Development, Survival Tips

Please use your computers “Find” Option to quickly navigate.

In this version I have:
*Corrected several grammar and spelling mistakes.
*Added in a Survival Tips section
*Added a brief segment on the radio under Gameplay Mechanics
*Added in a segment on Influence and Fame under Gameplay Mechanics

What is State of Decay?
State of Decay is a Zombie Survival Action game developed by Undead Labs. In it you can take control of dozens of randomly generated survivors as they struggle to survive the deadly onslaught of the undead threat. In addition to a robust combat system, the game also boasts and deep, and at points complex meta game, with features such as survivor morale and resource management.

Sounds awesome! How much does it cost?
Purchasing State of Decay will set you back 1600 Microsoft points (20$). As of now, you can only purchase it on the XBLA, but a PC port is in the works.

Does this game have Co-op?
Unfortunately it does not, however there has been much speculation that some form of it may be in development, and it is already known that another game in the same vein is currently being worked on, which WILL have multiplayer.

Is this game hard?
Just like a real life scenario, the conditions that you would get stuck in an apocalypse are quite varied. While you may be fortunate and find many weapons and resources, the next player might be just as unlucky and constantly scrambling for resources. The combat has a unique learning curve, but you still must be attentive at all time to avoid getting mauled.

Is this game like War Z/Day Z/ *Insert Zombie game here*?
Seeing that all these games involve Zombies, there will always be some form of similarities between them. Rest assured, the differences are significant enough and executed well enough that the game still manages to feel unique even among the other similar titles.

You said the survivors were Randomly Generated, but can I make my own?
For better or for worse, you are unable to create your own character. However this will surprisingly not affect your immersion, as it is very easy to become engaged with the unique traits of each character.

Can I become a raider or be attacked by raiders?
From the Devs themselves, it has been announced that there is NO hostile NPC coding. You will not be able to engage in true conflict with other Surviors.

-Gameplay Mechanics-
*State of Decay is a third person action game, there is currently no option to change the perspective*

This game is too easy/hard, can I change the difficulty?
Unfortunately there is no difficulty slider, and there has been no word of any intent for that development. If you wish to make the game harder however, impose restrictions upon yourself, and allow things to get very hectic before playing.

User Info: 123pizza2

4 years ago#2
I don’t like how the camera controls, can I change it?
Yes. right in the options menu is a feature that can invert both the X and Y axis. As of now there is no way to increase the sensitivity, but the feature is on the way.

Is there permadeath?
Yes, yes there is. After a character dies, the game autosaves, and there is no way to get them back. If you have grown attached to a survivor, and don’t mind cheating, you can turn of your console/dashboard quickly and it will send you back to your base with a very much alive survivor. I recommend not playing this way however, it kills the spirit of the game.

Can I save whenever I want?
You are not able to “hard save”, however every time you quit through the menu the game autosaves. Also, the game will periodically save on its own.

Can I have more than one save?
No, unless you use a USB/Separate Harddrive.

I heard the game plays when you are offline, what’s this about?
The game enters a simulation mode whenever you are not playing, where your resources will be dynamically used and the survivors will engage in several mission and activites. Random events can also occur at this time.

What goes into this Simulation?
Each time the simulation runs, it checks a couple of factors, namely your survivor’s health conditions, your resource stockpile, Morale, and any unfinished missions/Infestations currently in the world. The game then basically then rolls a big dice and determines a bunch of random outcomes. A well-stocked, healthy, and relatively calm world will receive very little negative results, and will often actually GAIN resources/supplies, whereas a community on the fringe of chaos might have less savory results.

Can characters die during this simulation?
Previously Character could die during the simulation; however a recent patch has fixed that, so now survivors will only die during actual gameplay. There have been some cases of character death after the patch however, so always make sure you have things under control.

I’m not going to be able to play this for a couple days, is my community going to be destroyed?
The simulation works pretty generously. After the first day of not playing, the Simulation gradually diminishes the activity until the game enters a sleep mode, where the difference between a week and a month is negligible. Basically, the worst condition you’ll find your community in is after about 3 days.

How do missions work?
Missions are randomly generated by the game. A survivor from your community will be randomly selected to be the subject of the mission. Mission types Include Zed Hunts, Search and Rescue, Assisting an Ally, and Infestation Clearing. As far as story missions are concerned, some of them are on a timer, and others are not. If you do not wish to continue doing missions the best times to stop are generally considered to be before going to the Marshall courthouse, and before entering the fairgrounds.

Can I save the other survivors at the ranger station at the beginning of the game?
No, that segment is supposed to teach you a lesson that anyone can die, and that nowhere is truly safe. Also, it establishes a little plot.

Can I buddy up with another Survivor?
Not manually, but you are free to use the followers from the missions to assist you. Also, your fellow survivors are pretty smart, and will not let you down (that much).

User Info: 123pizza2

4 years ago#3
I don’t see a fuel gauge on my car, can it run empty?
In order to make the game at least somewhat accessible and convenient, the devs removed cars requiring fuel for operation. They can drive for eternity, as long as they don’t get damaged. If they are damaged enough, they CAN stall and leave you stranded amidst a horde of Zombies.

My influence keeps going down, what gives?
Your influence can get inflated to the point where it exceeds your fame. Once it exceeds your fame, it will begin to decrease until the values match. This feature is meant to balance people from getting massive amounts of influence and then wasting everything they stored up.

Can I save the Pastor?
There have been instances where people have seen the pastor recover, the conditions being an upgraded medical facility, a trained doctor, and a copious amount of medicine resources.

Marcus and Maya are both tired, what do I do?
As you do missions with your fellow survivors, you gain their trust. Eventually you reach “friend” status with them, which can be checked by opening your journal and highlighting the survivor. If you are their friend, you should have the option to switch to them. Additionally, you can talk to them at base to manually switch. It is important to rotate your survivors to keep them all strong.

Ok… So can I switch to Lily?
No. She is restricted for various and sundry reasons.

Natural Athlete, Nimble, TMI, what do all of these traits do?
Traits are what make each survivor unique and interesting. In addition to painting a background on their story, some of the traits also grant bonus to stats or even give unique abilities! For example, the “played golf” trait will grant an extra star in cardio as a base stat, and the “Nimble” trait will grant you the “Reflexes” personal skill. To read what each trait does, select a survivor and then scroll down to their trait list, it will often directly tell you if it is beneficial. Detrimental traits DO exist, such as bum knee, which will drain your stamina.

What is my Journal good for?
Your Journal is your best friend, in addition to telling you the status of Survivors; it can also inform you of your daily resource use, your current weapon supply, and significant events that have recently occurred.

So what, do I just level up?
You level up in the sense that your characters get more adept at what they do. Naturally, the more Zombies you shoot the more adept you grow at shooting them. After a certain point, you will be allowed to specialize in a weapon, and further increase your effectiveness. You do not level up by gaining XP though; you have to actually do relevant actions.

Wow, this bug is crazy, what’s up with it?
Unfortunately this game still has several bugs to work through. Rest assured that the developers are diligently working t fix them, and do not let them dissuade your enjoyment of the game.

What is Influence?
Influence is one of the features that helps SoD feel unique. Instead of utilizing an actual currency system, the game incorporates a system called influence, where every action you make that has some impact on the community will be credited. This Influence will allow you to call upon a multitude of features. So once again, Influence is basically the currency of State of Decay.

Cool how do I get it and what do I use it for?
Influence is accrued through the completion of machines and by storing items in your supply locker. You can use this influence to take things back out of the locker, to use your radio features, and to activate base commands. Keep in mind that there is a negative return on taking an item back out of the supply locker. Just keep surviving, and you will accrue influence in no time.

User Info: 123pizza2

4 years ago#4
What the heck, I have 600 influence but it keeps dropping!
In order to regulate players from building up copious amounts of influence, only to waste it all at once, as well as to keep the feature realistic, influence will drop for two reasons, the first being time. Every day (real time) your influence will reset, and you will have to gain it back. The primary reason fame drops however, is based on your fame. Fame is accrued very slowly through the completion of important events such as missions. Fame is used as the natural buffer for influence, in that influence cannot exceed fame, and will cause it to lower over time. Just keep playing, and you will begin to be able to keep more and more of your influence.

Does fame/influence carry over between characters?

What was that about a radio before?
The radio is your other good friend. By simply pressing down on the D pad, a whole multitude of features is unlocked. Your options range from simple actions such as establish an outpost or calling in supply runners to epic actions such as ordering reinforcements or guiding an artillery strike. These abilities cost influence however, and often have MASSIVLEY long cool downs, so use them wisely. You will gain and lose features as you progress through missions.

-Combat Mechanics-
*Only blows to a head will kill a Zombie, unless you are in a car, which can simply run over the beast.*

Is Marcus Stronger than Maya? (Men stronger than Women?)
In this game, Male and Female survivors are equally adept at killing Zeds. Marcus *is* stronger then Maya however, and this goes back to specialties. Due to Marcus having both powerhouse and leadership as personal skills, he naturally has more combat prowess. This is universal, any character with reflexes or powerhouse will ultimately be better at combat than a regular survivor.

The combat is really boring, can I learn new moves or something?
The combat in this game is actually really deep. I highly recommend visiting DestinyStrikes topic for the rundown on how to take advantage of this system.

Can you talk more about Powerhouse and Reflexes?
Certainly. Powerhouse and Reflexes are the two personal skills that most directly affect combat in State of Decay. Whereas Powerhouse is very focused on individual punishment and taking out Zeds in an open environment, Reflexes is all about close quarters and crowd control, as well as quick movement on land. With powerhouse, you can specialize in a variety of moves that can instantly kill a basic Zed, and with every level, your chance for a kill on a regular attack is increased, additionally, you can carry more supplies in a stack, and just carry more in general. With reflexes you can specialize in attacks that focus on setting up Zeds for finishing moves, as well as moves for making quick get aways. This isn’t to say that characters without these skills are bad at combat, they are just simply not *as* effective.

I’m always out of Stamina, what can I do about this.
Well first off, make sure to not sprint into combat whenever possible, clearly it’s not a good option. Secondly, improve your cardio, if you are running in an area with a low Zed count, that’s the time to sprint, each level ups your stamina a bit. If you still have problems, try to dodge and counter attack more often, or eat a snack before an engagement for a brief stamina buff.

My painkillers/ibuprofen/asprin/whatever isn’t healing me?
These meds restore health over time, if you are still taking hits you won’t notice much of a difference.
(edited 4 years ago)

User Info: 123pizza2

4 years ago#5
So if I run out of health, that’s it? I’m done for?
There are three different scenarios that can occur when you are on low/no health. You can “get up” by mashing A and gain some stamina and health back, as well as knock back some zombies, you can go out in a blaze of glory if you have a Molotov or grenade, or you can get torn apart if an uncommon zombies is the one attacking you.

Are guns worth it?
Guns can be major lifesavers, especially when facing off against uncommon infected and hordes. Word to the wise, guns are loud, and ammo is limited, so if you don’t have a silencer equipped, you better make those shots count.

I like heavy firepower, do I get a chance to unload?
Oh yeah, big time. If you are lucky, you can find Heavy Machine Guns, Assualt Rifles, Snipers, Smgs, Grenades, and even a grenade launcher. Have fun.

Cars for Combat, yay or nay?
Definite Yay. Cars are a very valuable resource and CAN allow you to clear out an infestation solo, even in the early game. They are a one hit kill on all zombies except Big ‘Uns, and they can be repaired. Don’t rely on them, but do not be afraid to use them to your advantage. Also,

Anything else I should know?
It is imperative that you know your own strength. Don’t neglect going into houses because you are scared you might die, but also don’t boldly charge into every combat scenario or infestation with just your fists. Be smart. I don’t care how strong your Marcus is, until you have a firm grasp of the game, you will NOT be able to reliably take out infestations solo or uncommon infected solo without a lot of luck, snacks and healing supplies.

“Zombies, Infected, Zeds, whatever, just aim for the head, or you’ll be dead.”

I can’t seem to kill these Zombies, what’s up with that?
Remember, in this game Zeds ONLY die from headshots. Well okay, if you have a reflex character and chop of both their legs with a certain skill they will die, but generally it’s the dome or bust. Zombies WILL pursue you with missing arms, portions of the torso and even a leg.

You’ve been saying Zeds a lot, why is that?
I dunno, it what they call them in game, and it’s convenient. Why not?

I’ve been bit! Am I going to turn or die soon?
No you are good, the only way people turn in this game is through a disease called black fever, just getting bit isn’t enough to stop you.

Ok, so what’s the deal with Hordes?
Zombies in this game do move around, even when you can’t see them. If the game detects a large number walking on the same path, it will eventually group them together and force them to become a horde, which will react and move as one. Hordes tend to average about 13 Zombies, but can easily exceed that number. It is very common to run into two hordes together, and occasionally the game will spawn a horde when you are doing a defense mission, which can be avoided fortunately.

Infestations are formed semi-randomly in the game world. A random location (house, warehouse, etc) will be selected as the site of an infestation, and Zombies will begin to spawn there. Think of Infestations as the Zombies version of Survivor outposts, in the sense that Zombies CAN spawn there. In order to clear an Infestation, you must both kill the prerequisite number of Screamers, and all the Zombies in the area. If you let these get out of hand, you WILL be overwhelmed.

User Info: 123pizza2

4 years ago#6
What kinds of Zombies are there?
There are several types of common Zombie.
Very rarely, you will find a crawler Zombie, which is a Zombie that drags itself on the ground. They have very limited attack potential. I have personally only seen about two of these naturally, so they aren’t really a factor.
Walker Zombies are the most common, they slowly shuffle toward their current objective, but to make up for their speed, they frequently show up in groups of 3 to 5.
Runner Zombies are quite common actually. You can always identify one by their, stance; they are slightly crouched with their hands poised at their sides. These Zeds really aren’t that exceptional other than the fact that they run. This often makes them easier because they isolate themselves.

You mentioned Uncommon Zombies before?
Yes, uncommon Zombies are exactly that; uncommon. You might run into one for every 25, 50, or heck, even 100 regular Zeds, and you’ll almost always hate fighting them. They appear as BIG dots on your mini-map though, and get a special little soundtrack, so you do have some warning. I’ll start off by listing the weakest, and move up to the strongest.
Screamers: These guys are pathetic; they can barely fend for themselves, fall over when pushed almost instantly, and stay down for a while. What makes them deadly is the ability to attract other Zombies with a scream. This scream only attracts nearby zombies, it doesn’t spawn them, so although it could technically be the most dangerous if there happened to be a bunch of uncommons around, in terms of individual ability it is terribly weak. Pop them in the head with a gun at a distance, or take them out first in close quarters, and you’ll be fine.

Bloaters/Bloated Zeds: These guys are weaker then Screamers to be honest, they die in one shot anywhere, and they blow themselves up in close proximity. What makes them dangerous is what they leave behind, which is a cloud of noxious, caustic fumes. This damages your stamina and Health, so it can be quite problematic. Also, the fumes stick to your car for about 15 seconds damaging you the whole time. Once again, take it out from a distance.

Armored Zeds/Swat Zombies: These fellas ain’t really that scary. They have headshot resistance from guns, so they’re a bit annoying, but other than that they don’t do much other than being the most common type of Uncommon Zed. They stick out because of their body armor and unique gait, and are only really a threat when mixed in with a crowd. Take them out like a normal zed, and you’ll be fine.

Feral Zed/ Feral Zombie/Feral: Ferals are extremely deadly, in addition to moving faster than you can sprint, they do massive damage and can pounce on you. They do massive damage in combat and can take a lot of punishment. They used to be even scarier because of their resistance to edged weapons, but that’s going to be fixed in the next patch. Also, if you have low health or stamina, they can tear you apart and instantly kill you. If it pounces on you, mash that B button, because your life DOES depend on it. Your best bet is clearly to shoot them in the head before they even know you are there or better yet, run them over. If you have to get into melee combat, Blunt and Heavy weapons are your best bet, just keep smashing them and they’ll go down. Always pop a snack when you got to fight them so you can keep up the offense. And for the love of all that’s good and holy DO NOT try to run away. A feral WILL catch you, it WILL pounce on you, and it WILL kill you. They very faintly glow green, so if you are worried about one, you can always look for that indication through windows.

User Info: 123pizza2

4 years ago#7
Big ‘Uns/Juggernauts/Miller Boy/Big Bastard: These guy are real monsters. They can absorb A TON of damage, dish out just as much, and move deceptively fast. They can break all the barricades you have at once and believe it or not can often find a way to fit into a house with you. They have a grab attack where they bite you on the neck, which takes down about a quarter of your health. This grab CAN turn into a move where they tear you apart which can instantly kill you, no matter how much Health you have. Cars are not an effective means to kill them, as they will merely get knocked down, whereas your vehicle will sustain severe damage. Fortunately for you however, there ARE ways to bring them down. First off, do not attack from the Front. Their belly is invulnerable and they are very resilient to frontal cranium damage. After a Juggernaut charges, it will be briefly stunned. Take this chance to unload on the back of its head and pop that thing like a Zit. Try to avoid melee, because you want to avoid that instakill at all costs. The BEST way to kill a Big ‘Un is with fire. The fire both stuns and constantly damages the creature, which is really useful. You can use Molotov’s, but I personally prefer Flame Fougasse, it takes two to kill one, and you don’t really have to put yourself at risk. You can make flame Fougasse in a workshop. Just stay on alert when fighting these beasts and you’ll be fine, even without fire.

Why do Zeds keep finding me when I search a house?
Everything you do in State of Decay makes a sound, searching included. You should see a little blue circle forming around you when you are searching a container; this is the noise that you are making. Each time your character fumbles and says “That was loud.” The game actually spawns Zombies and brings them to you. The only solution is to keep searching and level up your wits.

Wouldn’t be much of a Survival Game if you couldn’t survive, huh?

What kind of weapons are offered to me?
As you explore Trumbull County, you will find Blunt Weapons, Edged Weapons, Heavy Two handed Weapons, and Firearms. Gun types include Assault rifles, SMG’s, Snipers, Pistols, and Shotguns. Each has a different weight, attack speed, and sound field, so the choice is up to you.

Guns are so loud, can I do something about that?
Yes, you can silence your guns for several shots with silencers that you have found or created. Shotguns cannot be silenced.

My inventory space is so small, can I get more?
Yes, you will be able to find three different backpack types as you explore through the County, Small, Medium, and Large. If you do not equip a back back, you will have four slots, a small backpack grants you six, a medium backpack 8, and a large 10. You can find back packs in campsites throughout Trumbull County.

My equipment keeps breaking, can I repair it?
Yes. You can repair equipment that is damaged, but not equipment that is already broken. If you have a workshop constructed at your base, you can leave the weapons in your supply locker. The next dawn they will be slightly repaired.

Where can I find X, I really want one?
All loot in this game is randomly generated; there is no guarantee that you will find a specific weapon or item in any house. If you desperately want a Gun however, Gunshops are the place to go, you can usually find 2 or 3 at each store.

What is a good Survival load-out?
It is generally accepted to send out a survivor with a full Stack of Snacks, and two or 3 meds, a melee weapon of their specialty (if they have one, otherwise just a melee weapon), and a gun with at least one full magazine.

User Info: 123pizza2

4 years ago#8
I found so much good stuff, but I can’t carry anymore, what do I do?
If you can’t afford to make several trips, prioritize, do you really need those flares when you can take another couple of meds? Do you really have to hold onto those last three 7.62 bullets for your rifle when you can take an SMG? Be smart about what you can afford to destroy and keep, and don’t be afraid to leave stuff. Sometimes it actually works out better that way.

Am I wasting X if I use it for Y?
If you have that mentality then you will never use anything. If you feel like you need to use a grenade for a horde, use it, a healthy survivor is far more valuable than a grenade or 20 bullets.

A source of life and even prosperity, you’ll need these to if you want to thrive

What kinds of Resources are there?
You can find Food, Medicine, Ammo, Building Material, and Fuel resources. Out of the above listed, technically only Food is essential, but you WILL need Medicine unless you play flawlessly, and without a good amount of the rest your morale will suffer drops.

Do I have a limited Supply of Rucksacks?
Nope, pack up those resources whenever you can, you will always be able to make a Ruck Sack.

Can I increase the amount of Supplies I bring back each time?
Unfortunately, the amount of resources appears to be static per Rucksack. You will be bringing back about 8 Med Resources, 5 Ammo Resources, 15 Building Materials, and 5 units of Fuel each trip. Here’s a little trick to extend a resource caches utility. Before you take the last resource and put it in a Rucksack, call for scavengers. This takes advantage of the games simulation aspect and forces it to generate another bag of supplies, which will be brought back by the scavenger. This effectively doubles the amount of resources in the game.

Why do I lose so many resources every day?
With the current version of the game, each resource is lost for a different reason. Food is lost based on the amount of missions you do, Medicine is lost based on the amount of hurt survivors you have, ammo is lost based on missions, building materials are lost based on the amount of constructions you made, and fuel isn’t really lost for much. These costs are separate from any you use to activate a feature, such as the Training Dojos Combat regime.

I just lost Building Materials/Ammo for no reason! Why?
Occasionally the game randomly generates morale boosters. It checks to see if you have enough materials, in which case it subtracts them and grants you morale, if you don’t have enough you lose it.

What gives, I just lost one of my cars?!?
If you have too many vehicles in close proximity to your base, the game automatically picks one to randomly move to another location. This is meant to prevent people from becoming entrenched in a car wall, and to make it more difficult to get a good car supply.

What do I use each resource for?
Food is used every day to feed survivors(big surprise). You can use food to activate several features of Constructions, such as the Training Regime or the Big meals.
Medicine is used to heal hurt survivors, and is subtracted each game day. The more medicine you have, the better chance your survivors have of healing. It is also used to make Stimulants and Chemical Incendiaries
Ammo is subtracted daily. You will really only use it for trading and for sniping Zombies from a watch tower.
Buiilding Materials are used to build and to move. That is their only purpose. They are relatively rare, so make them count.
Fuel is not required to operate cars, so its only purpose is to make bombs and traps. It is very unlikely that you will want for this, so use it freely.

User Info: 123pizza2

4 years ago#9
Should I always call for scavengers?
This is something that is up to you. If the area is clear of Zeds, and there is more than one resource in the house, then by all means call in a scavenger, if the area is risky, only do so if you cannot afford to wait for more supplies to come in.

Can resources run out?
Technically yes, but there are work around for everything but building materials and Medicine.
You can grow your own food through the use of Gardens.
You can earn ammo by allowing survivors to use your Training Dojo, Watchtower, and Library.
You can create Fuel by researching biodiesel at the library.

-Bases/Outpost Development-
Every man’s home is his castle, that couldn’t be more true than in Trumbull County

Can I unlock new homes?
Yes, keep playing through the game, a mission will come by sooner or later that gives you the option.

Are Zombies supposed to climb over my bases walls?
As of now, this is a common and universal issue, just take them out when you see them and carry on.

If I move does my old home keep it’s upgrades and constructions?
Unfortunately not.

If I had a fully upgraded building, then moved, and then I build it again, will it still be upgraded?

What’s the best home?
It is generally agreed that the Snyder Trucking Warehouse is considered the best due to it’s size, location, and ease of access.

What do I look for in a home?
Whenever you wish to migrate, you should keep in mind the ease of access to the rest of the town, it’s proximity to important resources, and the amount of building spaces it has.

I don’t really get Outposts?
-Outposts can be used to extend the “safe zone” of your base, or to create a safe zone. Safe Zones are areas where Zombies cannot Spawn.
-Just because Zeds can’t spawn there doesn’t mean they cannot enter, no Safe Zone should be considered completely risk free.
- If you go to the same page that you go to in order to build construction, you will see spaces at the bottom. These spaces represent your outposts.
-If you select an outpost, you will be able to set traps. These traps are good for the whole day, only cost one fuel, will extend the safety zone of your outpost, and instantly kill hordes that enter.
-Outposts also provide an easy place to restock, they all have a supply locker inside.

I can’t place down an outpost, why?
You cannot place down an outpost if…
-You do not have enough influence (50)
- You have not “cleared” a house by checking every room.
-You have not searched every container.
-There are still Zeds in “Combat Mode” in the area.

Does making barricades do anything?
Making barricades technically has no effect on the security of the outpost itself, however if you are ever in a position where you have to defend an area, having barricades already in place will make it easier. It doesn’t take long, so why not?

Why can’t I make any more outposts?
Each base that you can live in can handle a certain amount of outposts, the minimum being four, and the maximum being 8, once again check your journal to find out the max.

User Info: 123pizza2

4 years ago#10
How should I set up my Outposts?
There are several ways to organize your outposts, I will list a few of the popular ones, but they are all under the assumption that you have chosen to set up traps.

-Place one or two close to your base, and put the rest in important resources Caches or well stocked areas of the city to keep a good resource chain.

-Place most of the Outposts around your base for maximum security, leaving only one or two slots open to establish an emergency “field supply locker” if you need resources but are stranded out in the middle of nowhere.

-Make a "Supply Chain" where you form a bunch of overlapping Outposts in a line, leading up to an area that is heavily covered with many resources

-Completely random outposts that only serve the purpose of Resource Caches

- Forgo covering your base and just completely clear a city by placing them from one end to the other, your base may be vulnerable, but the city will be made extremely safe. This should only be used if you do not have many survivors or do not care about them, and need resources fast.

How do resource caches work?
Alright. This question is very popular, and I myself was confused as well when I first started out. I will do my best to be clear.

-If you establish an Outpost at a location that STILL HAS a resource source, the Outpost Will Generate a Resource Cache bonus.

-This bonus only remains as long as the Resource Source is STILL IN the outpost.

-You DO NOT have to do anything other than find and leave the source at the location. Do not take it out, do not break it apart, do not call in scavengers. Just find the resource source, and establish an outpost.

-The resource cache is made based on whatever symbol is shown on the map. If you find a location that has Building Materials and Fuel, but it only Shows the Fuel on the Map, it will be a FUEL RESOURCE CACHE.

-The Cache bonus is very small, but it is very useful.

-The Cache bonus is roughly +3 every day per Outpost of the same type.

- This bonus is subtracted from your daily requirements, so if you needed 13 meds a day and had ONE medicine cache, you would only need 10 a day. TWO would be 7, and so on.

-It is BELIEVED that a Cache CAN give you positive returns in resources.

-Caches only generate resources each REAL WORLD day.

-Caches will generate MORE resources over time then a Rucksack, but CANNOT BE RELIED ON. You will need a combination of Caches and Rucksack supply runs to maintain an efficient operation.

-Utilize Caches to make up for materials you have difficulty finding or that you use a lot of each day.

-Caches WILL run out but we do not yet know HOW LONG they last.

-It is speculated that finding a medium or Large Stash of resources will cause a cache to last LONGER.

-A medium or large stash WILL NOT make a Cache generate more resources.

-You CAN take one of the resources in a medium stash from a Cache without ruining it.

-Influence is easy to obtain, and Outposts are otherwise Free, even if you don’t use them for protection, MAKE CACHES, it is only positive.

-Regardless of what you hear, Survivors DO NOT maintain outposts, you will not ever see one just hanging out there or bringing back resources unless you specifically radioed it in.
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