Question about 'heroes' in Breakdown

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User Info: dontneedaname

4 years ago#1
So I saw that recent demo video but I have 1 question that they didn't answer.
I noticed all the unlockable named heroes at the menu, but I was wondering will we be able to meet the heroes in-game or are they only playable when you select them when starting a new game? I hope we're not stuck with Joe Schmo survivors and we can actually encounter all the named characters at some point.

User Info: NJC745

4 years ago#2
Don't quote me on this but I do believe that you will meet some of the heroes at one point or another. Source, Undead Lab forums.
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User Info: X__Japan

4 years ago#3
Once you unlock them, then they will be in the game.
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  3. Question about 'heroes' in Breakdown

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