Can't buy Dawnstar Land help?!

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User Info: glassghost0

4 years ago#1
Can't get the dialogue to appear to purchase land from the Jarl, it's listed as a known bug, but is there a way to fix it?
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User Info: drdeth111786

4 years ago#2
For Dawnstar: You must complete the Daedric Quest “Waking Nightmare” and then the favor “Kill the Giant”. Please note that this favor has the prerequisites of being level 22 or higher, and having had previously completed the “Waking Nightmare” Daedric Quest. At this point, you can then buy land directly from Jarl Skald the Elder.

User Info: glassghost0

4 years ago#3
lol, idk how many times i've addressed this already elsewhere, I've already completed that quest, and the one for killing a giant for the Jarl. It still isn't letting me buy land.
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User Info: DDawgX

4 years ago#4
Have you started any missions for the Dark Brother hood? There's been a lot of people complaing that they can't but the Dawnstar house after starting or completing the Dark Brotherhood.
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User Info: knives out

knives out
4 years ago#5
ive done everything and i havent joined the DB yet but i cant buy the land.
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User Info: lordzathros

4 years ago#6
did you do both kill the giant quests? one is given in the tavern and the other if from the jarl.
after i did those and the nightmare the option was open
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