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User Info: gretamoss

5 years ago#1
I found this info while looking for a list of stewards. I thought I’d post it hear.

Confirmed YES:
Argis the Bulwark / Markarth housecarl
Calder / Windhelm housecarl
Iona / Riften housecarl
Jordis the Sword-Maiden / Solitude housecarl
Lydia / Whiterun housecarl
Rayya / Falkreath housecarl (dual-Scimitar-wielding female Redguard)
Faendel / Riverwood archer
Sven / Riverwood dude
Adelaisa Vendicci / Windhelm Imperial
Uthgerd the Unbroken / Whiterun brawler
Ria / Whiterun, Companion
Aela / Whiterun, Companion
Vilkas / Whiterun, Companion
Breylna / Winterhold College student
Onmund / Winterhold College student
Eola / Markarth cannibal
Annekke Crag-Jumper / Darkwater Crossing, Sylgja's mother
Ahtar / Solitude head-chopper
Roggi Knot-Beard / Kynesgrove miner
Illia / Darklight Tower mage

Confirmed NO:
Stenvar / Windhelm mercenary
Vorstag / Markarth mercenary
Jenassa / Whiterun mercenary
Farkas / Whiterun companion
J'Zargo / Noooooooo
Cicero / Dark Brotherhood Keeper

The following followers can be made into a personal steward:

Adelaisa Vendicci (Solitude)

Aela the Huntress (The Companions)

Agmaer (From Dawnguard)

Annekke Crag-Jumper (Darkwater Crossing)

Beleval (From Dawnguard)

Brelyna Maryon (College of Winterhold)

Durak (Dawnguard)

Eola (Markarth)

Erik the Slayer (Rorikstead)

Faendal (Riverwood)

Illia (Darklight Tower)

Ingjard (Dawnguard)

Lydia (Whiterun)

Jordis the Sword-Maiden (Solitude)

Marcurio (riften)

Roggi Knot-Beard (Kynesgrove)

Sven (Riverwood)

Uthgerd the Unbroken (Whiterun)

Vilkas (Whiterun)

[edit] Followers who CANNOT be Personal Stewards

The following popular followers you CANNOT make them into a house steward:


Aranea (priestess of Azura)

Argis the Bulwark


Borgakh the Steel Heart


Dark brotherhood initiate






Mjoll the Lioness




User Info: DoctorSkeleton

5 years ago#2
the follower page on the wiki has a column that indicates if they can be a steward now too!

User Info: tonyb500

5 years ago#3
Wrong! Derkeethus has the dialogue to become a steward, the Creation Kit proved that for me (when filtering the dialogue to show only the MaleArgonian dialogue, the option to become a steward was on the list). In other words, there's some sort of glitch that stoppong Derkeethus from being elgible to become a steward. Then again, he's already glitched in other ways (when married, he returns home to Darkwater Crossing, plus he was accidentally left as an essential character).

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